Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whats up? Podcasting thats what!

Hey Dudez,

How have you been? Hopefully good, its been a while. Just got moved into the new Town House, and everything is getting settled down. Next step is internet and a new computer to post on!

The new thing for me right now is getting into Podcasting! So check us out, look up 40k Warcasting, I am not on any episodes until 29 and 30. As of now 29 is not up, but we will be putting it up shortly. Also, we do it live usually every other Friday night. And we just had episode 30 this previous Friday so I expect to see you guys there! Any questions just post a comment or send me an email at Deryk40kwarcasting@gmail.com

Take care guys!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to painting...

Alright. I've finally got to say it, as much as it pains me to do so:


yell at me if you want, but its soooo tedious after both "Raven Guard" and Imperial Fists.

On the upside: I have finished paintng Lysander, a captain, and a sternguard vet. I have 4 to do before I just stop marines all together.

In other news. Some meks have been very, very busy lately... DA ANVUL UV WAAAAGH!!! is coming. built, ready for paint.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You want a piece of me?

Gah! I can't believe it!

I'm going to tell you why I am so "angry" at the moment.

I played a battle last week. On Friday. 2v2, 2000 points a player. Chaos and SM (me) against elder and crons. It started out well for us and throughout the game, we consistently hurt the other team. However, my ally took quite a beating on turn 4. From then on, we started to lose momentum, but I thought we managed a win at the game end on turn 6

I was wrong.

It seemed that my ally had quite a bad list and I realized this after the game. He took 6 transports, 6 5 strong thousand sons squads and some obliterators...against necrons. He did well, but the loss of 5 transports and 5squads, not to mention his obliterators, seriously gave up some major kill points. :/ah well...

But, I will admit, I've rarely seen my imp fists fight that hard, or tenaciously. I lost 5or 6 kill points in the form of my hq's, land raider, terminators and razorback. In return. I single handedly wiped out half of the enemy army, with a dreadnought accounting for 10 necron warriors, a wave serpent, immortals and a wraith lord. My captain also wasn't too bad after single handedly (and with 1wound) destroying dark reapers, and a far seer. I am proud of my marines.

All in all, a fun and tough game. I learned that transports, and small squads-bad for kill point games.

I hope the next game is more rewarding for the sons of dorn.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Progressive Tournament part 1

Hey Dudez,
Last, last Saturday (late post I know but hey life goes on right?) I attended the first of a series of tournaments to induce more painted models into my Store. We started with 500 points, so I brought my Orks. They did phenominal!

First game was against, Guard Infantry, so many melta guns and tiny plastic men! It was a close game, but my warboss on bike made it through the waves and waves of guardsmen with little effort. Leading me to up one win.

Second game was against Marines, a very tactical game, he put most of his troops in terrain and made it tough for my bikers, but they have no fear of going into hills! Pulled my second win out of this game.

Third and final game... The game that determines the champion, Mech Guard with a Platoon squad providing cover fire. This game was very close, it boiled down to who made the first effective strike. I struck a chimera and caused his squad to be pinned leaving his other squad open for the slaughter. Win three for me and the sweet taste of victory!

It was a great day, I took home the belt of champions that day, along with some Crypt Ghouls, Skeleton Warriors, and Dire Wolves for my Vampire Counts! Next one is 1000 points and I plan on winning that one again :)


results of week one...

here are my results for my first week back in the states: 1/1/1


the corner of death,
vindicator ftw. say ello to s10 ap2 templates!
captain dying in 1 round of fighting.
10 scouts eating 7 plague marines for lunch
1 terminator surviving against 30+ kroot. he made 10 saves!!!
whiff fight, lascannons vs. railguns.
trygon eats lead.
last stand around the objective!

I'd go into more detail but i can't be asked.

Btw, now there is a new BA player here, and a ven dread has joined my cause!

see everyone next time


Thursday, June 24, 2010


I get back to the U.S. in about 2 days...god I cannot wait.

Hahaha, I'll finally be around the same timezone as Ace!

Btw this means I will start posting up batreps, just need to check out my local gamestore and set up a game,    although I half expect o fall asleep during a game. Damn Jetlag!

I'm hoping I can start posting a lot more now too with some interesting topics. (such as painting articles, tactics, batreps and the most epic game ever...you'll hear about that one later) but we'll see.

In other news, I received my Imperial Fist Captain from All things 40k last week. I just have to say:


Pics won't do it justice.

See you all next week,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't.

(o.k.-this post has about no magic related stuff, so if your in it for the tricks, sorry. :p)

I'm just trying to figure out something- Why I have a tendency to change armies at the snap of a finger. I know really its that impulse to buy the coolest model around, or just get some models for the fun of it, but almost 100% of the time, i end up attempting to collect an army of said models.

I have an excuse in the form of vanilla marines, as they've been my "best and brightest," (and coolset) but im absolutely stunned at how much I spend on armies i rarely use! For example, I have 2000 points of VC, and i've played with them once. CSM is about the same, and don't get me started on orks. As we speak, I'm trying to build a second ork army with a walker theme. Of course, snikrot was added, so I needed kommandoz, and finally a stompa found its way into my home...ugh. IG has also been a very loooong rollercoaster, first horde, then mech, then elysians, and now drop-troops.

I just can't take it anymore!!!

So, from today onwards, I will now only focus on 1 army at a time until it is completely done.
So now: IG, and i will continue elysians, which will reappear on this blog nce i get some $$$ to buy models with. On my list to get from forge-world is:
2x squads
1x command squad
Vendetta upgrade kit x2
3x Tauros
2x drop-sentinels.
?x weapon packs
and any other models I can afford.

Next will be orks, aside from the stompa, and to show a real commitment to this, I will be selling:
2000 pts of VC
2000 pts of Dark Elves
2000 pts of CSM
 all proceeds will benefit the "buy Ninjaman his elysian stuff" funds. :P

Now then, has anyone come across this problem? did you solve it?

(Oh and btw, Ian is bored on youtube is pretty funny. and pointless. :p)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010


Would anyone like to say...ouch?

Great conversion though.

SM Tactics: Attack Bike Squadrons

Hey everyone.

Today I wanted to look at is arguably one of the most under-used space marine units- Attack Bike Squadrons

The Article is separated into 2 parts:


Attack bikes are reliable, tough units of Bike mounted Space Marines. With a Statline of 4 or higher, they can actually serve as amazing tank hunters or infantry thinners. With the (Personally preferred) Multi-melta loadout, a squad of 3 is arguably one of the best tank hunters out there. With 3 24" MM shots, and a 12" move, even Heavier tanks will pause in their tracks before running into the face of these guys. A BS of 4 pretty much ensures damage to the offending tank. The Melta special rule is also twice as good on these boys. They have the maneuverability to race across the fields to get in 12" range for the melta rule, and 3 Stength 8 2d6 hits is absolutely horrific to Mech, and Land Raider utilizing armies. The Attack bikes can also turbo boost, meaning 2 wound T5 3+ invuls, and 24" range of movement. Use this to contest objectives on turn 5 or move them into hiding after their pre-emptive assault on Mr. LR Crusader, or Terminators/wakers.

As for Heavy bolters, I might be inclined to say this is a bad choice. The amount of shots isn't justified, as these bikes will be slaughtered by most assault armies and are worthless against 90% of Mech armies. 9 shots isn't worth 150 points, even with all the other goodness attached to these units.

So in short:
Strong Anti tank power
Twin linked bolters
Great Statlines


Let's see...
They are often only one hit wonders. They give the opponent such a bloody nose that they become target #1, and are expensive for a suicide squad of 3. Obviously, only a crazy, or extremely devious, (or crazily devious) player that has a trick up his/her sleeve would ignore 3 rampant Multi-meltas, that have nothing other to do than shoot tanks right in the @$$ and contest objectives. So...not a good end story for this squad of Dare-devil marines.

Squadrons are also hard to balance out. either they start costing too much, or they are too weak to do damage and thus concede kill points easily. The latter can be stopped by a 5 man unit quite easily. I found however that units of 2 can really mess up my opponents day. This way, the squadron has four wounds and 2 Multi meltas.

Anyway, the list of cons is:
weaponry outfitting
they are suicidal.

Note: I've actually used this 2 bike unit to DEVASTATING effect before. addmitedly, luck played its part, but in at least 2 games against a quite skilled opponents, I've used the aforementioned squads to knock out a Land Raider (#1)that was vital to my enemies plan, and another stubborn, uncooperative Land Raider (#2) that refused to die to anything else, including 3 lascannons over the couse of 3 turns. I have never doubted these units strength and versatility either, as in the same game (LR #1), the 2 bikes held off a space marine Tactical squad for 3 turns, and really affected gameplay for the rest of the game as a result. (I won the first game in other terms.)

So, with this now out of my head, I leave you to decide whether or not i have made a valid point FOR Attack Bike Squads.

Also, if people show enough support and comment, I'll write more articles about units i've used based on my experiences with them.

Until Next time.
Your friendly neighborhood Ninjaman

Friday, May 28, 2010



Why is it that so many amazing models are now OOP?

I've been trolling around lately on Ebay and other forums, and can't help but notice that GW really screwed itself over by stopping production of the Praetorians, which are quite nice models and have a huge fan base...

Unless it was all a super-devious marketing ploy by GW to make people love the dwindling supply of old IG? Now most classic IG are restricted to the collectors section of the website, like the Steel Legion or Mordian Iron Guard. What occurs soon afterwards (Praetorians really show this off.) is that people rush to buy as many of the models left to make great armies. I mean, have you all seen the comments that follow Praetorian posts? They are mainly like, "Oh, I love Praetorians!" and, "Praetorians? Those guys are awesome!" Now don't get me wrong, I like these armies and always have a tendency to buy steel legion (when I can) when I see these, but would it hurt GW so much to release the Praetorians again? Even if only for a short while? They would definitely see a HUGE profit from even a 2 month window of opportunity. A box that is alike to a starter set but for a historical 40k conflict would be perfect for this, and i would only need to contain 40 odd praetorians including infantry, special weapons and heavy weapons, and the same for an opponent, at about $100-$150 and people would go nuts!

Then again, which army is next in line for being OOP? :(

Back to doing well...nothing (much),

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hold the Line!- A 2000 point SM Defensive list.

Hey everyone.

I recently was thinking of the various ways that SM armies ATTACK enemy armies, and in their fluff, It states that they excel at rapid strikes into enemy territory. They embody the saying of, "cut off the head, and the body will die."

But, what if a SM army was dragged into a prolonged City-Fight? What would be a good list and Why? So I made the list to see if they really could be just as effective defending as attacking.

Here it is:

Chapter Master, TH/SS, Artificer Armor. Pts: 185

Librarian, Epistolary, Force Dome, Gate of Infinity. Pts: 153

2x Sternguard Veteran squads, 10 veterans, Power fist, 2 meltaguns. Pts: 285 each.

4x Tactical squads, 10 marines, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun. Points: 170 each.

Scout Squad, 10 scouts, sgt. w/ power fist. Pts: 165

Vindicator, extra armor. Pts: 130

Predator, sponson hvy bolters, extra armor, storm bolter. Pts: 110

Total: 1997

The Horde army here is a very useful list for most missions.

Against assault armies, the 4 Tactical squads set up on your board edge in a semicircle. The Chap. Master and Librarian join the sternguard (SG) units, which set up to act as reinforcements for the tac squads. The Vindicator becomes either a target or an area denial unit, however cover and infantry support are needed to protect it. In essence it should be a mobile bunker, whereas the Predator uses its guns for Anti light vehicle and walker destruction. The scouts become an outflanking nuisance and harassment unit that contests objectives or ties up Anti tank units. As a side trick, the Librarian and friends can use GoI to teleport rapidly to a new location, such as an enemy objective. Also, an orbital strike CAN cause massive damage to the enemy assault units.

For any shooty armies, The scouts and vehicles play the same role, however, the units instead move in a battle line with the SG in between and lay down suppressing fire. The Vindicator also moves up in the middle and breaks up any castled enemy units.

This is my interpretation of a good horde SM list and it also works extremely well w/ Kantor, who allows the teleporting SG to capture objectives!


Happy Gaming and Good Luck,

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Just In... 40k Radio Down?

Hey Dudez!

Breaking news this evening, what could be more graving than pissing off my own mother? 40k Radio going off air! What is up with that? While Hogs of War is quoting that there has been threats against the creators and his family... Where did I go wrong in this community? This whole time I thought we were all members in a family of outcast. That is what we do, we don't care what you think, we all get along. So in this shocking news it crumbles my whole belief that we are all family... But really are we? If this event of actions has taken place then it really makes me wonder... It's just something that I can not, will not believe. Could this be an act just to let the show go off to help sell the show like he said (I pray to the Emperor do not let this be) or could there have been someone actually threaten him and his family (and I pray to the Emperor that they come see me, because I will get vengeance) But post away, and tell a friend about this dreadful day..


The Chaos List

Hey Dudez,

Just made up my upcoming Chaos army's list! I think it is a very powerful list based off what I have seen Chaos player's use.

Daemon Prince- Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

Daemon Prince- Wings, Mark of Slannesh, Lash of Submission

Summoned Greater Daemon

4 Chaos Terminators- 2 Pairs of Lighting Claws, 2 Power Fist, Heavy Flamers
1 Champion Chaos Terminator- Pair of Lighting Claws, All with Mark of Khorne

9 Chaos Space Marines- 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Fist. Mounted in Rhino

9 Chaos Space Marines- 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Fist. Mounted in Rhino

9 Chaos Space Marines- 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Fist. Mounted in Rhino

Heavy Support



Have the Daemon Princes swarm enemy lines draw them either closer or further away via lash. While a spear head of Rhinos break through the lines to tackle tough armor or to take out tough units. Terminators go straight to the enemies heart and soul, with 16 lighting claw attacks on the charge, not much is going to stand in their way, followed by 8 Power Fist hits to the face, yeah that is pretty scary. While the Oblits just sit back and give me cover fire. Then when they least expect him the Greater Daemon will be summoned right where he is needed with 4 champions to choose from.

I can't wait to test play this list before I invest time and money into these guys!

Let me know what you guys think!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Temptations of Chaos

Hey Dudez,

Ace here to talk to you about a thought that I have been having for pretty much the entire day. My roommate left out the Chaos Space Marines Codex this morning, and I have spent the day reading it. And I am really tempted to start working on a list and form my own Chaos army. Really I don't know a scheme or anything yet, or even if I am going to pick a particular god or anything of that nature. I'm just going to make some list up and look at them and see if they are any good, yes there will be dual lash for my tourney list. But we will see where else that can go from ;)

But alright guys this does it for me tonight, I'm out.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Time for a Check Up

Hey Dudez,

Ace back and this time on a positive note! (Did a bunch of soul searching and I have found myself again). Congrats Ninja for winning that beautifully painted Commander! Check that guys blog out, man are you talking about some great paint jobs or what? But enough about me lets talk about the future of this blog!

The Message
The pure intentions of this blog will be for me and Ninja (and whoever wants to be a columnist for this blog with an appropriate interview) to deliever updates on our armies weather it be Warhammer, 40k, FOW or whatever! We want people to know our armies and people to comment on their opinions of them. We wouldn't just post pics up there to make us feel better! So stop by leave a comment and we would really appreciate it.

As well as paint jobs, I will be posting some of the commission work that I have started doing as well as paint tutorials as I go though painting these models. Also I am working on a couple of columns to get people the right start into playing 40k. It is a great hobby and why not have a good source to learn how to play!

The Voice
Everything said on this Blog by either Ninja or I, is in pure relation to our personal opinions, and should be read that way. I can get very edgy on some subjects and I do not want to come off as that blogger who is mad at the world! Because that is just not me, so if you read something that you don't like leave a comment and/or respond to me on why you don't like what I said!

The Goal
I (Ace) have made it a personal goal to have 300 followers by this time next year. As well as to have fully painted armies on this site. And a killer tutorial section that will make it easier for people to learn the game! That is my personal goal for the next year on Anvil of War and I think that it is possible to accomplish! However I do need the readers help! Feedback is everything in my world so the more feedback that you leave me the better I will get, also tell your friends about this site and help me get to my goal! We are all human and want to help each other out, and who knows maybe we can have a contest?!

Well I am off to snap some pictures and paint some models to show you guys that I mean business!



Hey guys,

I entered a contest over at All Things 40k and can you believe it, I WON!

The prize was a AoBR Cap'n that would be painted to match the winner's color scheme. Since I won, the now IF captain that Masterdarksol has painted up gave me the opinion that he will be leading my IF from here-on. He looks too good not to use!

So, now that I'm a little calmer, (Deep breaths...) I wanted to know how all of you would really feel about a   contest. The prize wouldn't be a big deal, but again, its free, and the requirements would be pretty simple, and fun.

Any way, post on what you think, and check out my new friend at masterdarksol.blogspot.com

BTW, is it me, or does no one seem to comment here???

Finally, some Imperial Fist Photos.

Here is my army all displayed on the world of livingroomtable, an arid, antique area of woe. So without further ado, my glorious Imperial Fist army...Without Transfers.
(I hate those things.)

Problem is that the army is very, very small. But oh well. Only 12-14 KP's in it. :p
BTW these kids were created bcause one day I threw 2000 points of a fun SM army together and said to my gaming store owner, "I'll collect, build and paint all 2000 points of these guys in an IF scheme." And so they were born. Took me 3 months, but I did it, and I love 'em. this list has claimed 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Tournaments at that same gaming store so I respect it. It's balanced and fun to play, and no It doesn't contain Mr. UBER-DEATH Lysander b/c every SM army I saw had him. Hell, there are no special characters whatsoever.

 Here's My contestant to All Things 40k's contest. He makes me proud to have painted this army. :) I think we all know who is entering Golden Demon!!!!! Just kidding. Although he is my favorite model in the army, just because of a couple of games and the contest only furthered his Rep. I have a Vet. model waiting to be painted as the next incarnation.

 My "Venerable" Dreadnought. Certainly works well in combat. He's no pushover in shooting either. I believe he has only died 8 out of 20 games, so he really is venerable!

However, Mr. "EatsHiveTyrantsforLunch," my Librarian, is unavailable at this time and wasn't included in the photo.

Well, there's a small look at my IF army, and some of my favorite models in it. Comments?

Talk to ya later,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Elysian stuff

here's some mor elysian bits...those of you who have visited Elysianrecon.blogspot.com will recognize them.

Above is the Command Valkyrie and some troopers.

The Commissar lord and sentinel behind him.

Update: 2 down, ??? to go!


So, my friends, It has been a long and arduous process, but a of last night, 2 Space Marine armies have been Finished! Completely! I now only have Bugs, VC and Guard, give or take some Orks and GK...(sigh)

In other news, I recently received a VERY, VERY large box containing certain products, such as Killa kans. I'll post the built models with the newly finished SM soon. However, One product would remain a secret...(Muhahahahaha!!!!!) Just wait until August for the grand unveiling, along with Battle report, and in the meantime a baneblade should be enough to satisfy any questions.

Finally, I want to gauge interest in a contest, so please comment below.

Ninjaman Over and Out. :p

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...Can't live with 'em, Can't live without 'em

Hey Dudez and Dudettez,

Ace here with a bit of a serious post, on the wonderful game of Life that we are all forced to play. We have all had serious ruts in our lives, and unforgivably I am in one of those right now. But its alright because painting models is free and so is xbox, however the serious lonely bubble is increasing more and more as the days go by. Sitting cooped up in a room painting models with friends is fun, but when you have hardly enough money to go out and meet other people (ideally women) that void gets bigger. And that void is what making everything worse, not having any motivation to paint because "no girl is going to care that I can make a piece of plastic look so life like", and "wow I just won a tournament in 40k, let me go to the bar and use that as a pick up line." Those thoughts have been crossing my mind more and more frequently.

If any of you actually know me you will think that this is udder bull, and wondering why I am posting this. Because 40k, friends and punk rock is my life. Women don't matter they come and they go, well here is the thing they stopped coming. (no pun intended) And for the first time since in 7 or so years, there is no girl for me to call or text to make me feel a little bit better.

But that's not the major issue! Having all this free time as an eligible bachelor, no girl to keep me from my hobby. And yet I am more off track that I have ever been! Blah it is disgusting, but by posting this tread (in an attempt to blow off steam) I have decided that I am never going to let a girl, girls, or the female race ruin my hobbies, either directly or indirectly.

And who would have thunk that women will mess with you even without there being one? Guess the saying is true "Can't live with them, and can't live without them"

Thanks guys for taking the time to read this post, and I promise that the post will be better and more frequent!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

T-Minus 8...7...6...

Alright then. I can't help but say that I am only 8 weeks from being back in the U.S.  I can't wait.

But I want to know if anyone is going to Bolscon? I'm going to attend and it would be cool to see anyone that follows Anvil of War. Maybe we could even get a game in. (Ace, I know that we have a certain battle to fight...get your orks ready.)

Also, I have only 1 case that I can bring with me. So what army is better, all Infantry/Horde SM, a mix, or an armored force? Which do you guys think is best and why?

Ahhh...that reminds me...better start painting again, so i'm off.

Happy Gaming,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So CLOSE!!!!

Okay, I really have to say I am at a crucial point in my life...

For the last 5 years I have been collecting the Shadow Stalkers Chapter on and off, and finally I have reduced my amount needed to finish painting down to 5 Black Reach Termies and 1 Predator Destructor. Needless to say, when I found out how close I was I was overjoyed and I now only need to buckle down to finish  these few. Unfortunately, I had a painting desire that kept me going while I was  painting two Gorgeous captains, 5 scouts, 3 razorbacks and a drop-pod, but it has run out and I am struggling to begin. And so I ask of you...any tips or feedback? It may restart my drive to finish and help me out.

In other news, I was thinking about how cool Belial and the DW used to be, and I may revive them in a cool pre-heresy fashion, as world eaters...I would love to see an army of 20 blue and white models of Various fashions on the board. What do You think of this list:

Captain Zorath (Belial) w/ TH/SS

Zorath's Fist and Zorath's Hammer-5 TH/SS terminators

Zorath's Claws-5 Lightning claw terminators

Zorath's Gauntlet-5 pwrfist termies w/  assault cannon.

Dreadnought Gharrsek, Farrin and Khian-extra armor, venerable and MM/assault cannons

(Interrogator)Chaplain Aleksandr the unstable-in terminator armor, w/ strm blter.

Land Raider Crusaders Death of Gods and Bloodhound-Multi meltas and extra armor

I want to do this list, but only if you guys would like to see it. Comment on it and criticize it if you want.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update! New pics and back in buisness!

Whats up fellow wargamers?

I have fixed my computer (finally) and I am ready to post on a regular basis, so if you haven't been a follower then go ahead because I am full of great knowledge ;).

I have posted some new pix on my flickr account, click under my pictures to see what all I have posted! Some pretty cool looking Nobinatorz that I have made as well as a decent paint job on a nob!

Thats all for now!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Counter list.

As a "warrior of the emperor" if feel it necessary to bring balance to the boards, and here is a list based off of my own Chapter-


Captain with Thunder Hammer, artificer armor, and digital weapons,

2x tac squads with meltas, rocket launchers, and an assault cannon armed razorback
(1 squad has a power weapon, and both split into combat squads)

10 strong scout squad, sarge w/ pwr fist

10 terminators, 2x assault cannons.


Predator destructr w/ hvy bolters

and for Shrike:

10 assault marines w/ sarge w/ power weapon and melta bombs

As is pretty evident- the army moves forwards, excepting the 2 combat squadded rocket units and predator (who take out tanks), the other combat squads lay down heavy fire for almost any enemy, and the terminators trudge across and either soak up enemy fire, or assault my enemy with a ton of powerfist hits. The scouts...scout and outflank, while shrike acts as a wild card and reacts to any random threats that materialize. The vindicator is a unit that is tasked with Anti infantry or anti tank unit removal.

This force would make a mess of most armies and is pretty balanced. This would be my first 2000 points in almost any army, and for 2250, I would add a MM armed attack bike team and another Vindicator.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Originally uploaded by Dorn's Ninja

1500 Point Tourney List

Hey Dudez,

Its late and I was thinking of something great so I decided to post some poetry.. NOT, nah here is my list for the upcoming tournament..

Mad Doc

9 Lootas

3 30 Boyz Squad Nob PK

5 Mega Nobz Cybork Armour
Battlewagon Deff Rolla 1 Big shoota

The way this list will break down is, there will be a massive amount of boys on the table, and my opponent WILL panic. With the Lootas in the safety of cover giving the boys some attrition to dwindle away at transports, monstrous creatures, and other boyz! While the Battle Wagon runs up the lines and unloads with 6 Power Klaw hits to their tough units! Then the green wave will come and sweep the rest away, led by Mad Dok to ensure that one full squad gets to hit them.

How do I plan on dealing with templates and flamers you might ask? Lootas and Mega Nobz will get the job done, for they do not fear the flamers of the burna boys, just their power weapons. But at this event there will be blood and hopefully a grudge match...

Thats all for this late night post time for me to go get some sleep!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tournament List

Hey Dudez,

Sitting here preparing for the tournament down at Tower of Games and I am wondering what to bring. The tournament is 1500 points, the last event was 1200 and I ran:
3, 30 Boyz Squads with Nob with power klaw, bosspole and eavy armour.
7 Lootas
6 Lootas
Deff Dread with 2 additional Combat Weapons

The list did PHENOMENAL! Except when the dude pulled out 12 Burna boys and tabled me.. But besides that I felt I did well,

So preparing for the next event, I was thinking either 5 Mega Nobz and a Battlewagon deff rolla and rokkit launchers. Count them as troops, throw Thrakka in there and have them go off to war.

So I am asking you, to give me a recommendation to pack a punch for 300 points. I may post more ideas as they pop in my head!

Logging out!


Hello, Mr. Imperial Fist

Expect pics of my Imperial fists army by tomorrow. All 2000 points of them!

Welcome to the Anvil!

Whats up dudez and dudettez!

Ace here and me and Ninjaman decided to form a New blog dedicated to the whole wargaming aspect! Not just 40k (but mostly 40k)

More coming soon!


Hammer Strikes!