Friday, April 9, 2010

1500 Point Tourney List

Hey Dudez,

Its late and I was thinking of something great so I decided to post some poetry.. NOT, nah here is my list for the upcoming tournament..

Mad Doc

9 Lootas

3 30 Boyz Squad Nob PK

5 Mega Nobz Cybork Armour
Battlewagon Deff Rolla 1 Big shoota

The way this list will break down is, there will be a massive amount of boys on the table, and my opponent WILL panic. With the Lootas in the safety of cover giving the boys some attrition to dwindle away at transports, monstrous creatures, and other boyz! While the Battle Wagon runs up the lines and unloads with 6 Power Klaw hits to their tough units! Then the green wave will come and sweep the rest away, led by Mad Dok to ensure that one full squad gets to hit them.

How do I plan on dealing with templates and flamers you might ask? Lootas and Mega Nobz will get the job done, for they do not fear the flamers of the burna boys, just their power weapons. But at this event there will be blood and hopefully a grudge match...

Thats all for this late night post time for me to go get some sleep!


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