Friday, January 6, 2012

Its a bird! Its a plane! its...oh. Just Ninjaman

Yeah, I'm actually still around. :o

Anyways, I've been out of the hobby for the past few months...(School+ Car = Time and Money gone.) But in a rather fortunate turn of events, recently visited my local GW, and had my interest piqued by the new releases.

You know the term, "living under a rock"?

Yeah, that was me. I took about 3 steps into Games Workshop, looked, and my jaw hit the floor...It was like a 7 year old in a chocolate factory (hmm...) i was staring at all the "new releases": Grey Knights, Ogres, and the very sexy and beefy looking necrons. I'd known about some, but i had just begun to rediscover the game after a 4 month Hiatus. In a storm of "magic" (hah) I purchased the first three things that caught my eye...GK termies, Coteaz, and The Knights' codex. I then continued my rampage by unleashing my pent up aggression at an old GK brother captain, successfully ripping him apart and creating a new Brother Captain from his Remains, by finding and painting my Vindicare, and by making all kinds of Inquisitors and their retinues. My Stormraven soon followed.

And then...then things got bad.

While rooting through packed boxes of minis, i stumbled upon a mysterious container. Containing a note of "Sold" on it, i went back and checked what i had sold a while ago: and came up with my Thunderbolt, and Elysians. Both deals had been forgotten. the buyer had dropped the sales at the last minute. So......The Boxes were soon opened, and i gazed in trepidation at my (essentially) new models. The Elysian 52nd and its Aerial Support.

Then, bad ideas rooted themselves to my mind. I opened every Guard Box in sight, and soon had a 2000 point list (almost) ready. Stormtroopers, Elysians, Veterans (Coming as I write this), Valkyries, Griffons, Sentinels and Commissars were organized into units and placed on "Standby". What was left was my former Guard Army, the Salahiem 31st. Regular Guard, Vostroyans, Leman Russes, Chimaeras, Armored Sentinels and a WW2 Tank kit made an appearance...and were soon torn apart, rebuilt, and reorganized. A German armored Car was converted into a Guard Drop troopers' Devildog.

Overall, I was content. But my poor Thunderbolt still lay unbased and unable to be played. In a moment of insanity I grabbed a drill and cut out a hole for a flying stand. It came out well :D.

I guess what I'm essentially saying is that I'm back. And with money from the holidays, reinforcements are on the way. What I'm Hoping for is a Demi-Crusade force very soon. I'll post up an order of Battle for the Icarian Reclamation Task Force (IRTF) soon. Hoping to pit them against someone during an apoc game this summer. I'll try to post pics of it as the IRTF grows in strength, aka whenever i can paint something.

Anyways, see you around. :D

Hammer Strikes!