Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to painting...

Alright. I've finally got to say it, as much as it pains me to do so:


yell at me if you want, but its soooo tedious after both "Raven Guard" and Imperial Fists.

On the upside: I have finished paintng Lysander, a captain, and a sternguard vet. I have 4 to do before I just stop marines all together.

In other news. Some meks have been very, very busy lately... DA ANVUL UV WAAAAGH!!! is coming. built, ready for paint.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You want a piece of me?

Gah! I can't believe it!

I'm going to tell you why I am so "angry" at the moment.

I played a battle last week. On Friday. 2v2, 2000 points a player. Chaos and SM (me) against elder and crons. It started out well for us and throughout the game, we consistently hurt the other team. However, my ally took quite a beating on turn 4. From then on, we started to lose momentum, but I thought we managed a win at the game end on turn 6

I was wrong.

It seemed that my ally had quite a bad list and I realized this after the game. He took 6 transports, 6 5 strong thousand sons squads and some obliterators...against necrons. He did well, but the loss of 5 transports and 5squads, not to mention his obliterators, seriously gave up some major kill points. :/ah well...

But, I will admit, I've rarely seen my imp fists fight that hard, or tenaciously. I lost 5or 6 kill points in the form of my hq's, land raider, terminators and razorback. In return. I single handedly wiped out half of the enemy army, with a dreadnought accounting for 10 necron warriors, a wave serpent, immortals and a wraith lord. My captain also wasn't too bad after single handedly (and with 1wound) destroying dark reapers, and a far seer. I am proud of my marines.

All in all, a fun and tough game. I learned that transports, and small squads-bad for kill point games.

I hope the next game is more rewarding for the sons of dorn.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Progressive Tournament part 1

Hey Dudez,
Last, last Saturday (late post I know but hey life goes on right?) I attended the first of a series of tournaments to induce more painted models into my Store. We started with 500 points, so I brought my Orks. They did phenominal!

First game was against, Guard Infantry, so many melta guns and tiny plastic men! It was a close game, but my warboss on bike made it through the waves and waves of guardsmen with little effort. Leading me to up one win.

Second game was against Marines, a very tactical game, he put most of his troops in terrain and made it tough for my bikers, but they have no fear of going into hills! Pulled my second win out of this game.

Third and final game... The game that determines the champion, Mech Guard with a Platoon squad providing cover fire. This game was very close, it boiled down to who made the first effective strike. I struck a chimera and caused his squad to be pinned leaving his other squad open for the slaughter. Win three for me and the sweet taste of victory!

It was a great day, I took home the belt of champions that day, along with some Crypt Ghouls, Skeleton Warriors, and Dire Wolves for my Vampire Counts! Next one is 1000 points and I plan on winning that one again :)


results of week one...

here are my results for my first week back in the states: 1/1/1


the corner of death,
vindicator ftw. say ello to s10 ap2 templates!
captain dying in 1 round of fighting.
10 scouts eating 7 plague marines for lunch
1 terminator surviving against 30+ kroot. he made 10 saves!!!
whiff fight, lascannons vs. railguns.
trygon eats lead.
last stand around the objective!

I'd go into more detail but i can't be asked.

Btw, now there is a new BA player here, and a ven dread has joined my cause!

see everyone next time


Hammer Strikes!