Thursday, July 8, 2010

Progressive Tournament part 1

Hey Dudez,
Last, last Saturday (late post I know but hey life goes on right?) I attended the first of a series of tournaments to induce more painted models into my Store. We started with 500 points, so I brought my Orks. They did phenominal!

First game was against, Guard Infantry, so many melta guns and tiny plastic men! It was a close game, but my warboss on bike made it through the waves and waves of guardsmen with little effort. Leading me to up one win.

Second game was against Marines, a very tactical game, he put most of his troops in terrain and made it tough for my bikers, but they have no fear of going into hills! Pulled my second win out of this game.

Third and final game... The game that determines the champion, Mech Guard with a Platoon squad providing cover fire. This game was very close, it boiled down to who made the first effective strike. I struck a chimera and caused his squad to be pinned leaving his other squad open for the slaughter. Win three for me and the sweet taste of victory!

It was a great day, I took home the belt of champions that day, along with some Crypt Ghouls, Skeleton Warriors, and Dire Wolves for my Vampire Counts! Next one is 1000 points and I plan on winning that one again :)


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  1. Great job! And VC? A fun army but for for me. I'm trying to sell em off now. I like lizards too much.



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