Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You want a piece of me?

Gah! I can't believe it!

I'm going to tell you why I am so "angry" at the moment.

I played a battle last week. On Friday. 2v2, 2000 points a player. Chaos and SM (me) against elder and crons. It started out well for us and throughout the game, we consistently hurt the other team. However, my ally took quite a beating on turn 4. From then on, we started to lose momentum, but I thought we managed a win at the game end on turn 6

I was wrong.

It seemed that my ally had quite a bad list and I realized this after the game. He took 6 transports, 6 5 strong thousand sons squads and some obliterators...against necrons. He did well, but the loss of 5 transports and 5squads, not to mention his obliterators, seriously gave up some major kill points. :/ah well...

But, I will admit, I've rarely seen my imp fists fight that hard, or tenaciously. I lost 5or 6 kill points in the form of my hq's, land raider, terminators and razorback. In return. I single handedly wiped out half of the enemy army, with a dreadnought accounting for 10 necron warriors, a wave serpent, immortals and a wraith lord. My captain also wasn't too bad after single handedly (and with 1wound) destroying dark reapers, and a far seer. I am proud of my marines.

All in all, a fun and tough game. I learned that transports, and small squads-bad for kill point games.

I hope the next game is more rewarding for the sons of dorn.

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