Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown 2011

Greetings everyone...

Today I have a huge bit of news (well, for me) I return to the U.S. in a week!

That is correct. I am coming back and i expect to throw down in VA for the summer. Accompanying me are my trusty and ever faithful Imperial Fists, the newbie Shattered Kabal, and for the first time, Lord Erick von Draks Eternal Guard. (Vampire Counts.)

Therefore, I publicly wish to make another announcement:

Lord AceBlitzkrieg, you are hereby challenged to (dis)honorable combat by Lord Kharrass of the Shattered, and Captain Varik of the Imperial Fists. Refuse, and forfeit your Honor! Accept, and may the God Emperor have mercy upon you!!!!!

Ok....crazy rant over with, I basically mean that i should be able to get a few games in with ace and everyone down in williamsburg this summer. :D so look out for upcoming battle reports as my armies train for victory over Ace's DE. Actually, just victory in general.

and as my last point, I just wish to say.....
6th ED????? AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I'm personally tired of these updates requiring new books, rules, and so forth. if GW keeps doing this and it keeps raising prices, well i may need to choose another hobby. I've already got my eye set on dirtbikes and paintball. I hope i don't have to switch, but 40 bucks for 10 guys is a bit much imo. (grave guard. :/) I know this is an old rant heard before but i've reached the point where i am tiring of constant price increases :( ugh.

Wow....2 rants in one post. I must be stressed. :p

anyways, Here's to a great summer of 40k :) (Possibly fantasy depending on if i get into it again.) Ace, can't wait to see you again.


(BTW seriously check out 40kWarcasting. Loved the first episode i listened to and now i'm a big fan :D btw thanks for the "shout out" on the Episode. The Cassius v Cassius fight was hilarious ;) and yeah, if stompas were in the codex, i'd be a very sad person.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Painting: Second Warrior, Official Paint Scheme

Hello people!

Just finished my second guy with a new paint scheme and I have to say I love it, this is exactly how I want my whole army to be! Now that I have a theme it will be so much easier to turn out these guys. The next step is to put up a paint guide for the rest of you who want this scheme! I'll shut up now and give you what you want!

Well there he is! Let me know what you think! The base will be done when I get some gravel, I am currently on vacation in Tennessee, hopefully making a trip to Murfesboro tomorrow!

Thanks Deryk

Monday, June 13, 2011

A very delayed, but deserved, thanks.

A LONG time ago, as in early last year, I entered my Imperial Fists into a painting contest.

and I won.

Needlessly to say i was overjoyed at winning a AoBR Captain painted in my armies' colors. This was fortunate as i'd wanted to redo the captain i was using. Therefore Captain Varik of the 3rd company was reborn.

Here he is in all of his glory:
His paintjob revitalized my love in the Imperial fists, so I went and bought Lysander soon after i received the model and behold: my Imperial Fist V2.0

The paintjob on Lysander was much smoother and cleaner than on most of my marines. I also hit the details extremely well and so i am very proud of him, even a year after i painted him up.

Therefore, I would like to thank the one who reignited my interest in the Fists and thank him for supplying me with a leader who has led my troops into combat and emerged victoriously:

Here goes-
Thanks Master Darksol :D

I think i thanked him before but i wanted to show my Captain off, and felt wrong without giving credit where its due. he is a great centerpiece to my army alongside Mr. Lysander over there :)'s another Astral Guard Captain...They seem to be showing up everywhere. :/ hmmm....

anyways sorry that one is sideways :p

Ninjaman :)

The Shattered Kabal, round 2

Here's new photos from hidden vox feeds....aka my itouch :D

My boxed up Voidraven/Razorwing

The Raider "Merciful Release"

Front of the "Release"

Incubi of the Shrine of the Splintered Kin and the Broken Brethren
High Archon Kharrass in front of the "Merciful Release"

The Broken Brethren

Raid Force at Ghrox

Raid force

Hope you like :D


Sunday, June 12, 2011

My turn :D

as you all know, Ace posted his photos of his first (great) Dark Eldar.

To show the differences I decided to post a few pics of mine :)

Enjoy. I should have a tutorial up soon if anyone is interested.

Kharrass and the first 5 Kabalite warriors

What? The Astral Guard??? Chaplain Tharian? A Land Speeder Tempest?

Its an assault! :)

Look out!

(more DE to come soon.)

Ninjaman :p

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Painted Dark Eldar!

You know I couldn't resist!

Hey guys,

Fresh from the paint station, check out this Warrior ready for the battlefield. He is only a test model with a couple of changes that are going to happen. But what do you guys think about the color scheme?

I know its not the best picture quality but what do you think?

The war for Icarus: Part one.

This is the beginning of the war for Icarus 4 and it starts where my last story left off. it runs in multiple parts but this is essentially chapter one of the "series." Hope you like it.

Icarus IV sat like a shining jewel in the system. Clouds streaked the planet with white, while blue seas enveloped the globe, broken only by lush green continents and the rugged mountains. Its beauty had awed the visitor before, but today he his mood was sombre.

Erick's jaw clenched as he thought of what was occurring on the planet's surface. Of what those damned Tau were doing to his homeworld. He would not allow what had befallen Torissavia to occur on his and his chapter's home.

"Brothers, today we avenge that which was lost."

Erick turned to his assembled bretheren. They stood, Rigid and Immobile, and he felt supremely proud of them all. He knew they would not fail him in the fight to come.

"Lord Hadron Himself has given us a task that many would envy. I, however, know this task to be among the toughest challenges to be faced in this campaign. I also know that I WILL NOT shirk from my duties. Will you?"

A resounding crash of 100 odd fists on chestplates echoed throughout the ship. A chorus of Denial followed not a second later.

" Good. We are to be the first wave in, along with the 3rd and 9th companies. We will assault the Capitol while Captains Cyllus and Zohrain hold off any Tau reinforcement efforts. Once we have successfully breached and entered the main hive, we will proceed to the space port inside and link up with the remainder of the 6th company. They will be exhausted and low on supplies, so we will man their positions while they evacuate any loyalist civilians and supplies. Then they will evacuate leaving us, 3rd, and 9th companies to hold out. This will be the toughest time of all as our only form of resupply will be small arms from the Weapons-pods and anything the 6th can spare from the armories."

Silence reigned as the 2nd comapny awaited Ericks conclusion. The Captain felt the unease in some of the newer recruits.

"Brothers, this day will go down in the annals in one of 2 ways. Either we will be the saviours of our home, and defenders of our realms, or we will be the ones who failed the Icarian Subsector in its time of need. I have faith in you. Do not disappoint me."

At these words, every marine's back straightened. A palpable sense of resolve filled the hall. Erick nodded solemnly and turned to Chaplain Andreas.

"Chaplain, If you would?"

"Of course, my lord. Brothers-know this. He is watching over you. He is guiding you. Fight well, and you will be forever assured a place at his side. Ave Imperator."

100 voices boomed with the reply:

"Ave Imperator!"

Erick waited and only spoke once Andreas had given him leave to.

"Good. Now, my brothers-prepare yourselves. We drop in an hour. any rites should be conducted now and any marine not on the embarkation deck will suffer severe punishment. In other words, he'll have to fight me once we're back." Ericks last statement was accompanied by a smile and he got a good number of laughs in return.

"For the Emperor brothers! and remember our creed: Strike Hard!"

The marines all yelled the response in unison, all doubt and uneasiness washed away:

"Strike Fast!"

Erick smiled. His men would make the chapter proud.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Painting: What goes good with Blue?

Hey folks,

I just got done with the blue on my guy and if I had a camera you guys would admire him just as much as I do! But now I am at the part where I don't know where to go, the black armor parts on him are just empty. The blue is built up from a Turquoise to Ice Blue to pure white highlights, and I have three ideas on what to do for the rest. A dark grey build up, to give it a gloomy but bright look, which I think would be good for the army scheme. However they are Dark Eldar and I am allowed to make them flashy. Next would be a deep purple to a bright purple highlights, and lastly a deep green to a bright green highlight. I will post pics asap so you can see a couple of test models!

Just leave a comment on what you find works well with a bright blue! I really would like to see some of your creations too!


Monday, June 6, 2011


++++Vox record begins++++

Hey everyone,

I have a pretty fun update this time, so i'll talk about everything below:

First on the agenda are my Dark Eldar, the Shattered kabal. It seems that i have royally pissed them off as they have launched a realspace raid while i was gone and captured my plastic glue. I have no other bottle, so it seems i will not be building for about a month, unless its metal models. On the bright side-A team of reavers was marked with a white coat, as was a ravager. they should be painted soon. (when i stop my Marine Streak)

As mentioned, I want a titan, The Divinum Furorem. However, for some reason, i'm not making a LOT of money. I should have about $100 towards my titan but that is due to the sale of the thunderbolt. My elysians haven't gathered much interest :/ such is life, i guess. Therefore there will not be a titan for quite a while.

Thirdly, I think i've been influenced by khorne. I keep having this urge to start a warriors of chaos warband, and chronicle its lord's rise to power. I'm not 100% sure yet but I keep looking at warriors of chaos and the mechrite red paints i have...i have a bad feeling about where this is going to take me.

Finally, I have yet AGAIN succumbed to the Astartes. I've been repainting my marines as a side project. They are known as the Astral Guard and they can be seen in my photos or on my flickr page. I'll probably post some photos here in a couple days too.

That is all for me at the moment. Good luck and Happy Gaming!

Ninjaman out :D

++++Record ends++++

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to the Paints

Hey folks,

Bout to finally start working on my Dark Eldar army with some paint work. So far I have two warrior squads and a Raider to paint, hopefully some more stuff later this week. So I am going to pound through these warriors and get a camera and show all of you the progress! Stay tuned for the Mortum Roses!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ard Boys 2011 Alpha List

Hey folks,

Just got done with the first of many trial list for my Ard Boys list, this list is still in work. Hence the alpha part, soon it will move to beta when I see fit! So here is the list and the break down of what I feel needs to be changed and what else needs to be added. Any feedback would be great because well that's what I am always looking for!

Alright lets start it off with the HQ.
Archon, Venom Blade, Blast Pistol, Combat Drugs, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, and Shadowfield.
Thoughts? Venom Blade is a great weapon but not for an Archon, with his high weapon skill and attacks he needs a power weapon at best. I am thinking either a Husk Blade or a Agoniser. Will play around with it and make a decision.

Haemonculus x2 both with Venom Blade and Liquifier Guns.
Thoughts? The Venom Blade was great in the game they both killed two terminators, and the liquifier gun is a nice surprise for your enemy! They are in the list to go with the Trueborne to start them with feel no pain, it worked great.

Trueborn x4, each with a blaster, inside a Venom with two Splinter Cannons. Two squads of these
Thoughts? These guys were the most annoying thing my opponent could not kill, and every turn they were giving me deaths. They will stay, maybe add a power weapon and a leader just for assault but I will toy around with that idea.

Incubi x4, Klaivex, Demiklaives, and Onslaught; inside a Venom with two Splinter Cannons.
Thoughts? These guys and the Archon made short notice of every unit they came across, these were the Mvp of my list, with about 7 pain tokens in the end.


Wracks x9 Acothyst, 2 Liquifier Guns, and a Flesh Gauntlet; inside Raider with Flickerfield
Thoughts? These guys were great when they got to combat, and the dual Liquifier Guns were a nice surprise as well. Didn't really get to see the Flesh Gauntlet in action, but against bugs it would be a nice gift!

Wyches x9, x2 Hydra Gauntlets, Hekatrix, Agoniser and Phantasm Grenade Launcher; inside Raider with Flickerfield
Thoughts? I am in love with Wyches now, these gals swamped through three squads before being toasted by a Baal Predator from the table edge. With an average of getting +7 attacks from the Hydra Gauntlets it was beautiful.

Warriors x9, Sybarite, Dark Lance, Blaster, Agoniser; inside Raider with Flickerfield. Two squads
 Thoughts? Did what they were there to do, be annoying and take objectives. They will more than likely stay unless I decide to run all Wyches, we will see in future games.

Fast Attack
Reavers x6, Arena Champion, 2 Heat Lances, 2 Cluster Caltrops, Agoniser.
They took down a Storm Raven then got assaulted and died, but I am a fan of the 36" attack in the movement phase. These guys are on the chopping block.

Scourges x7, 2 Blasters
Thoughts? Great choice, jump infantry was great for fast support they were there where I needed them and with a 30" blaster? It's like having more Dark Lances on the table, harassing unit that I am in love with, may go for ten and add a leader with a power weapon to survive in combat.

Heavy Support:

Ravagers x3
Thoughts? Move pop tank, move pop tank, move pop tank. Lather rinse repeat, they know their job, and they do their job well. I can't see taking any other heavy support choice but I will think about a Razorwing, stressing think.

Well there you have it, that is the first list in a long road to Ard Boys, but I am confiendnt in this list. I won big time in this game against Blood Angels, so let's see some comments and where you think my next move should be. I will post a modified list tomorrow!


Friday, June 3, 2011

40k Killteam?

Hey Folks,

Just browsing through the Internets today and I came across this nice little trailer!

This game looks like it will be loads of fun! Look at the graphics they look surprisingly familiar to Dawn of War, oh well I am going to take this game and love it. Co-op? Yeah that is what sold me.

Look for more info on this game here as I learn more!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DE army list: The shattered kabal

The Shattered Kabal: Army list

Here is my promised army list :)
comments welcome:
The Shattered Kabal, 2000 points-

Archon Kharrass, huskblade, blastpistol, ghostplate armor, shadow field, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Webway portal. Points: 210

Drazhar. Points: 230

10 Incubi, Klaivex, Bloodstone, Onslaught. Points: 265

7 Kabalite Trueborn, 4 shardcarbines, Dracon, Agoniser, Shredder, plasma and haywire grenades, ghostplate armor, splinter cannon. Points: 175

4 Kabalite trueborn, Dark lance. Points: 83

10 Kabalite warriors, Sybarite, agoniser, ghostplate armor, blaster, splinter cannon. Points: 155

Raider, Dark lance, flickerfield. Points 70

10 Kabalite warriors, Sybarite, agoniser, ghostplate armor, blaster, splinter cannon. Points: 155

Raider, Dark Lance, flickerfield. Points: 70

3 reavers, arena champion, agoniser, cluster caltrops, blaster. Points: 131

Ravager, 3 Dark lances, Night shields, Flickerfield. Points: 125

Razorwing Jetfighter, splinter cannon, 2 shatterfield missiles, nightshields, flickerfield. Points: 185

Total: 1999

I actually posted this a while ago on my DE blog ( but want it here too :)

Ninjaman :D

Hammer Strikes!