Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ard Boys 2011 Alpha List

Hey folks,

Just got done with the first of many trial list for my Ard Boys list, this list is still in work. Hence the alpha part, soon it will move to beta when I see fit! So here is the list and the break down of what I feel needs to be changed and what else needs to be added. Any feedback would be great because well that's what I am always looking for!

Alright lets start it off with the HQ.
Archon, Venom Blade, Blast Pistol, Combat Drugs, Phantasm Grenade Launcher, and Shadowfield.
Thoughts? Venom Blade is a great weapon but not for an Archon, with his high weapon skill and attacks he needs a power weapon at best. I am thinking either a Husk Blade or a Agoniser. Will play around with it and make a decision.

Haemonculus x2 both with Venom Blade and Liquifier Guns.
Thoughts? The Venom Blade was great in the game they both killed two terminators, and the liquifier gun is a nice surprise for your enemy! They are in the list to go with the Trueborne to start them with feel no pain, it worked great.

Trueborn x4, each with a blaster, inside a Venom with two Splinter Cannons. Two squads of these
Thoughts? These guys were the most annoying thing my opponent could not kill, and every turn they were giving me deaths. They will stay, maybe add a power weapon and a leader just for assault but I will toy around with that idea.

Incubi x4, Klaivex, Demiklaives, and Onslaught; inside a Venom with two Splinter Cannons.
Thoughts? These guys and the Archon made short notice of every unit they came across, these were the Mvp of my list, with about 7 pain tokens in the end.


Wracks x9 Acothyst, 2 Liquifier Guns, and a Flesh Gauntlet; inside Raider with Flickerfield
Thoughts? These guys were great when they got to combat, and the dual Liquifier Guns were a nice surprise as well. Didn't really get to see the Flesh Gauntlet in action, but against bugs it would be a nice gift!

Wyches x9, x2 Hydra Gauntlets, Hekatrix, Agoniser and Phantasm Grenade Launcher; inside Raider with Flickerfield
Thoughts? I am in love with Wyches now, these gals swamped through three squads before being toasted by a Baal Predator from the table edge. With an average of getting +7 attacks from the Hydra Gauntlets it was beautiful.

Warriors x9, Sybarite, Dark Lance, Blaster, Agoniser; inside Raider with Flickerfield. Two squads
 Thoughts? Did what they were there to do, be annoying and take objectives. They will more than likely stay unless I decide to run all Wyches, we will see in future games.

Fast Attack
Reavers x6, Arena Champion, 2 Heat Lances, 2 Cluster Caltrops, Agoniser.
They took down a Storm Raven then got assaulted and died, but I am a fan of the 36" attack in the movement phase. These guys are on the chopping block.

Scourges x7, 2 Blasters
Thoughts? Great choice, jump infantry was great for fast support they were there where I needed them and with a 30" blaster? It's like having more Dark Lances on the table, harassing unit that I am in love with, may go for ten and add a leader with a power weapon to survive in combat.

Heavy Support:

Ravagers x3
Thoughts? Move pop tank, move pop tank, move pop tank. Lather rinse repeat, they know their job, and they do their job well. I can't see taking any other heavy support choice but I will think about a Razorwing, stressing think.

Well there you have it, that is the first list in a long road to Ard Boys, but I am confiendnt in this list. I won big time in this game against Blood Angels, so let's see some comments and where you think my next move should be. I will post a modified list tomorrow!


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