Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown 2011

Greetings everyone...

Today I have a huge bit of news (well, for me) I return to the U.S. in a week!

That is correct. I am coming back and i expect to throw down in VA for the summer. Accompanying me are my trusty and ever faithful Imperial Fists, the newbie Shattered Kabal, and for the first time, Lord Erick von Draks Eternal Guard. (Vampire Counts.)

Therefore, I publicly wish to make another announcement:

Lord AceBlitzkrieg, you are hereby challenged to (dis)honorable combat by Lord Kharrass of the Shattered, and Captain Varik of the Imperial Fists. Refuse, and forfeit your Honor! Accept, and may the God Emperor have mercy upon you!!!!!

Ok....crazy rant over with, I basically mean that i should be able to get a few games in with ace and everyone down in williamsburg this summer. :D so look out for upcoming battle reports as my armies train for victory over Ace's DE. Actually, just victory in general.

and as my last point, I just wish to say.....
6th ED????? AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I'm personally tired of these updates requiring new books, rules, and so forth. if GW keeps doing this and it keeps raising prices, well i may need to choose another hobby. I've already got my eye set on dirtbikes and paintball. I hope i don't have to switch, but 40 bucks for 10 guys is a bit much imo. (grave guard. :/) I know this is an old rant heard before but i've reached the point where i am tiring of constant price increases :( ugh.

Wow....2 rants in one post. I must be stressed. :p

anyways, Here's to a great summer of 40k :) (Possibly fantasy depending on if i get into it again.) Ace, can't wait to see you again.


(BTW seriously check out 40kWarcasting. Loved the first episode i listened to and now i'm a big fan :D btw thanks for the "shout out" on the Episode. The Cassius v Cassius fight was hilarious ;) and yeah, if stompas were in the codex, i'd be a very sad person.)

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