Monday, June 6, 2011


++++Vox record begins++++

Hey everyone,

I have a pretty fun update this time, so i'll talk about everything below:

First on the agenda are my Dark Eldar, the Shattered kabal. It seems that i have royally pissed them off as they have launched a realspace raid while i was gone and captured my plastic glue. I have no other bottle, so it seems i will not be building for about a month, unless its metal models. On the bright side-A team of reavers was marked with a white coat, as was a ravager. they should be painted soon. (when i stop my Marine Streak)

As mentioned, I want a titan, The Divinum Furorem. However, for some reason, i'm not making a LOT of money. I should have about $100 towards my titan but that is due to the sale of the thunderbolt. My elysians haven't gathered much interest :/ such is life, i guess. Therefore there will not be a titan for quite a while.

Thirdly, I think i've been influenced by khorne. I keep having this urge to start a warriors of chaos warband, and chronicle its lord's rise to power. I'm not 100% sure yet but I keep looking at warriors of chaos and the mechrite red paints i have...i have a bad feeling about where this is going to take me.

Finally, I have yet AGAIN succumbed to the Astartes. I've been repainting my marines as a side project. They are known as the Astral Guard and they can be seen in my photos or on my flickr page. I'll probably post some photos here in a couple days too.

That is all for me at the moment. Good luck and Happy Gaming!

Ninjaman out :D

++++Record ends++++

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