Monday, June 13, 2011

A very delayed, but deserved, thanks.

A LONG time ago, as in early last year, I entered my Imperial Fists into a painting contest.

and I won.

Needlessly to say i was overjoyed at winning a AoBR Captain painted in my armies' colors. This was fortunate as i'd wanted to redo the captain i was using. Therefore Captain Varik of the 3rd company was reborn.

Here he is in all of his glory:
His paintjob revitalized my love in the Imperial fists, so I went and bought Lysander soon after i received the model and behold: my Imperial Fist V2.0

The paintjob on Lysander was much smoother and cleaner than on most of my marines. I also hit the details extremely well and so i am very proud of him, even a year after i painted him up.

Therefore, I would like to thank the one who reignited my interest in the Fists and thank him for supplying me with a leader who has led my troops into combat and emerged victoriously:

Here goes-
Thanks Master Darksol :D

I think i thanked him before but i wanted to show my Captain off, and felt wrong without giving credit where its due. he is a great centerpiece to my army alongside Mr. Lysander over there :)'s another Astral Guard Captain...They seem to be showing up everywhere. :/ hmmm....

anyways sorry that one is sideways :p

Ninjaman :)



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