Sunday, February 27, 2011

another update

ok...I now have a void raven, 3 reavers, 2x kabalite squads, raider and archon built. I'm waiting on my Incubi and trying to decide how to convert a venom using a bunch of random bits and a broken up vyper...any ideas???


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DE update-

I've recently had a change of heart as to how i am going to paint my Dark Eldar. Now i am set on a bone color that is actually working quite well.I've tried it on the Archon and he has been redone in this style.

In other news, I received part one of 3 of my order...My Raider! It was awesome and quick to assemble and I see more than a few of these making their way into my army. While I was building i came up with a heirarchy for my Kabal-each kabalite must follow these paths-
Kabalites (warriors)
begin as warriors-progress to Sybarite-Progress to Trueborn-progress to Dracon-Progress to 1 of 3 high Dracons or Incubi novitiate-progress to incubi-progress to Klaivex-Progress to high Klaivex
Kabalite (aerial)
begin as hellions-progress to helliarch-progress to Raider Pilot-Progress to Raider Gunner-Progress to Venom Pilot or Ravager Gunner-progress to ravager pilot-progress to reaver-progress to arena champion-progress to Voidraven pilot-progress to voidraven gunner-progress to High Reaver (1 of 3)
Kabalite (aerial)-alternate
from reaver progress to scourge-progress to Solarite

High Klaivex guards the Betrayed's territory, all Incubi are soulbound to the Archon. If he dies, so do they.
Archon is chosen from the 3 High Dracons.

The High Reaver commands the Aerial Contingent and is also Soulbound, as is the Solarite.

Betrayed Territory-Unidentified Capital Ship (last confirmed sighting 263.M41-near Fenris) 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Pics are in the sidebar guys...a whole lot of stuff I've been working on. Now...back to painting my kabalites.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have just ordered a lot of DE. hopefully I'll be finished with my Kabalites by the time the order arrives...otherwise...they may become another unpainted army. :/

Wish me Luck, and Ace, hopefully see you on the battlefield this summer :D


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The promised (super-heavy) photos

So today I was takin pics of my archon and said....Why not photograph everything I want to paint, that I have painted, and what I'm working on?
so here you go: a wholeee lotta photos. :) Unfortunately they're all at Flickr until I figure out how to post the damn photos....:/
 anyways, here's the link and the list below of what you'll find
Archon shots
Converted Dire Avenger Kabalites...I was bored...and they came out amazing.
Valkyrie #2 (see if you can find the small conversion...Its small and hard to see but cool :)
Salahiem 31st IG tanks
WIP Imperial fist sternguard: (Last Fist unit!!!! :D Taking a while though)
Baneblade "Son of Iron"
Thunderbolt Echo 3 aka "Rapier"
Nightwing/ soon to be converted voidraven "Silent Scream" WIP
Blood Ravens Captain Erik.

That's all from me for now. Check that link after every post from me and I can guarantee new material each time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have slowly been getting back into the game. Currently, I am trying to work on a very small Dark Eldar Kabal (1 kabalite squad, a converted kabalite squad and an Archon) and my Elysian drop troops (Commissar Lord, 2 squads, rocket teams, 2 valkyries, storm troopers and a drop sentinel). The Elysians are coming along nicely. If you'd like some pics of the force so far comment on it and in my next post I will make sure to either post photos of them or not.

Also...I've broken out my Chaos Warriors. so maybe even Fantasy will be started in the near future? :O

Hammer Strikes!