Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DE update-

I've recently had a change of heart as to how i am going to paint my Dark Eldar. Now i am set on a bone color that is actually working quite well.I've tried it on the Archon and he has been redone in this style.

In other news, I received part one of 3 of my order...My Raider! It was awesome and quick to assemble and I see more than a few of these making their way into my army. While I was building i came up with a heirarchy for my Kabal-each kabalite must follow these paths-
Kabalites (warriors)
begin as warriors-progress to Sybarite-Progress to Trueborn-progress to Dracon-Progress to 1 of 3 high Dracons or Incubi novitiate-progress to incubi-progress to Klaivex-Progress to high Klaivex
Kabalite (aerial)
begin as hellions-progress to helliarch-progress to Raider Pilot-Progress to Raider Gunner-Progress to Venom Pilot or Ravager Gunner-progress to ravager pilot-progress to reaver-progress to arena champion-progress to Voidraven pilot-progress to voidraven gunner-progress to High Reaver (1 of 3)
Kabalite (aerial)-alternate
from reaver progress to scourge-progress to Solarite

High Klaivex guards the Betrayed's territory, all Incubi are soulbound to the Archon. If he dies, so do they.
Archon is chosen from the 3 High Dracons.

The High Reaver commands the Aerial Contingent and is also Soulbound, as is the Solarite.

Betrayed Territory-Unidentified Capital Ship (last confirmed sighting 263.M41-near Fenris) 

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