Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Army: Black Templar

Hey folks,

I know that it has been a while since I have posted, it has been a crazy few months. I know I always say that but for real this time it has. I managed to get down a few ideas for my next army, it will as I have said in the past Black Templar. However I am going to make them the Fallen Templar, the emporer's champion I will model loosely based off of Tyrell from Diablo 2. For the Initiates, they will be modeled as the following...

It is a Grey Knight model (old one) with scourages wings on the back. Neophytes will more than likely be skeleton warriors with guns, because I may use a lot of them. Still have to figure out what to use for terminators, I really like the grey knight terminators but I just don't know yet. I am sure I will figure something out sooner or later.

Paint scheme will be a dark grey and red. The angel wing will be white and the evil wing will be black. I have a good feeling about this army, now to get through a couple of army list!



Thursday, October 6, 2011

40k Warcasting: Webisode 039.875 - Because we could

Hey folks!

Just letting you know that the newest episode of the podcast is up! Click on the link and enjoy!



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reaver Jet Bikes 101

Hey everyone!

Today I am here to talk to you about my favorite adrenalin junkie, faster than a speeding bullet bikers in the whole game! Reaver Jetbikes and how I find them useful. I am going to break it down into a few sections; Movement, Shooting, Assaults and what/how to take them. So pretty much a nice Reaver Jetbike tactic section if you will!

These guys are fast, I mean what else in the current codices can move 36"! That is great to put them into instant threat range. Deploy them up 12" and they are at the enemies board edge turn one with a 3+ cover save none the less! Also with the ability to still damage infantry is amazing, you can start the pain before you even shoot! This will make your opponent think twice about that plan that he had to come after the rest of your army. They get a 12" movement and get to fire all their weapons, so think of all your weapons as an additional 12". Also don't forget about the Jetbike rule, they get a 6" movement in the assault phase. You only get this if you didn't do anything in movement that would prohibit movement (i.e. move flat out). Lastly what brings home the cabbage is the skilled rider rule, I can't tell you how many times I have weaved in and out of terrain saving these guy's hides and only lost a couple! So use this tactic to your advantage!

As I stated previously they pretty much add 12" to whatever they are shooting, so that means that they can pump out some damage! With splinter rifles built into the jetbike it's self, you either get 1 shot at 36" inches (12" move and 24" range) or 2 shots at 24" (do you need a reminder Bueller?). Jetbikes are relentless don't let anyone try to convince you other wise. Just take a squad of 6 right there and you have pretty much made an extra venom so to say. Now for the meat and potatoes of these guys, the Heat Lance. Str 6 Ap 1 Melta Lance 18". Are you serious! This is one of the best forms of melta out there! Yeah you can't really instant kill a whole lot out there, well there are other Archons out there... But hey it will blow up a land raider and a chimera all the same. You can also take a blaster for more points and less reliabilty for vehicles, hut you can get that support from the rest of your list!

I personally have never gotten these guys into assault, but they have a good stat line to throw some punches. Factor in on the charge 3 attacks at str 3/4 depending on how well they have done in said game, your looking at some pretty scary numbers for your opponents to deal with. Toughness 4 will make them a bit more resilient but they are Dark Eldar, and we don't like boo boos. I usually just move them back 6" into terrain or out of assault or double tap range if I didn't pin the squad after they we ejected out of their vehicle.

Squad Layout:
I have seen all over the internets, so many at 3 bikes with a Heat Lance, that's good but it will be gone sooner or later. (I'm sure after people read this they will make your Reavers target priority one!) I usually take a squad of 6 with two heat lances it comes into a little bit more than 3 Blasterborn and a Venom. It gives me 2, 3 wound Heat Lances if you play your wound allocation right! And if the meta has taught us anything its that the more the merrier! Blasters are good for scouting out and killing tough units, but you should already have plenty of Dark Lances and Blasters in your list after all, you really need that AP1 in your list.

Well that is just my two cents on what I think is the best unit in the Dark Eldar Codex, by the way great looking models too!


Massive Update!

Hey everyone!

I have been up to things while waiting for my PC to get fixed! So without further due here is what I have been up to!

So yeah there is a Daemon in there, and he does look rough I bought a bad can of primer, so pay for the good stuff! But now that I have a regular way to post now you will be getting more!


Friday, September 2, 2011

I actually do work!

Just wanted to post up pics of my newly painted ravager. :)

also, I do have to say, this is probably one of my favorite models in the entire army right now. :p I was so easy and fun to paint that i seriously could've painted like 3 of these in one session. and that's saying something, because i have the attention span of a...well...whatever has a low attention span (four year old?) anyways, it was fun. together with my raider, the ravager looks awesome. I'll be getting a group shot in soon.

Next up, Talos!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

:D a very happy moment.

The other day, I purchased IA volume 9. Why is this such a big deal?

I love the badab war. The chapters involved were all very cool and it allows me to deviate from the typical GW campaigns and books. The book itself was a "BIT" overpriced (watch if I ever spend $75 on a book again) but so far it's been worth it.

Anyways.... While I was immersing myself in the history of the badab war and ogling the tyrants legion army list, I came across the howling griffons. These boys look absolutely terrifying to paint. Red and yellow, quartered? Are you kidding??? You'd have to be insane.

Sure enough, 5 minutes later, I was painting terminators in the griffons scheme. Once the shoulderpads were done I realized how obnoxious this truly would be, so I attempted the codex approved night camo, that was popular with the griffons during the massacre on khymara.
It was a much better choice. I promptly finished a combat squad, terminator squad and a cap'n. Just to add some flavor, a raptors predator in tundra camo found it's way into my badab loyalists' coalition. So far i'm just gonna see where this is gonna take me.

I'll work on photos for the next post so be on the lookout.
See you then,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

40k Warcasting Is LIve now!

Hey everyone

Deryk here from 40k Warcasting and we are live! Listen in and get it before we post it!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drop Outs.

Hey everyone,

  Playing at 'Ard Boyz this year, I saw something from multiple players, a very shocking turn of events. Before round three started, I was talking with everyone about their games, and giving what advice I could. Most of them just said "there is no hope of placing so why bother?" Talk about a major grinding of the gears, (I thought I was the Emo army...) "Why not?" I replied. "It's all about the experience, yeah you can't take the glory home today, but try something new with your list or just have fun. Just don't quit!"

  Apparently I was speaking gibberish and people did not get my point. Out of twelve people only six of us played in the final match. I seriously did not like the attitude, so who is to blame? You spend all this time, money and energy to play in 'Ard Boyz or any other event. Is it the player, do they let being low man get to them? Is it that there are a few players that are so good that they scare away the competition? Or do the Tournament Organizers fault for bad pairing or letting them leave. I don't know but I have to get to the bottom of this!

 Some events, the 11th Company Event, are stating if you don't play all your games you cannot return to another event. So does making a black list help keep people in? What if you just aren't feeling your list or if you are just having a bad day? Who knows, but they do have the event bracketed so everyone can be a winner!

   My local friendly gaming store has asked the top players to soften their list ('Ard Boyz is different). How is that fair? Penalize the good players for being too good just so people stay and play? I can see it could bring out a bigger crowd of new people, and make tournaments grow, but then where is the fun for that player? I still like brackets for everyone to play in, it just makes it fair. But it is a tournament, fair goes out the window, come to win and have fun. Keep all the pseudo-mellow drama at home and make a goal to beat that top player (I know I still am trying to beat them!). At the end of the day if you loose well, I am sorry to say you loose, do not let that hold you back! Keep working on your strategies, try new things and most important practice practice practice!

What do you think can be done to make tournaments more fun for people so they wont drop out? While keeping that edge of competition. Share your thoughts!


Monday, August 15, 2011

"Ard Boyz Results

Hello folks,
As everyone knows, the infamous event known as 'Ard Boyz took place on Saturday. Most of us looking for something to pass the day away went  and competed. So Jay and I went to our local gaming store Groovy Geckos, and went hard core. He brought his Blood Angles (Razor Spam of DOOOOOM!) and I brought my Dark Eldar, I call it Vader spam (maxes on both raiders and venoms)

Round one I played against a weird Ork list, and by weird I mean I have never seen anything like it before, three battle wagons, 3 20 man squads in side with the works. A 30 man squad with the works, Mad Doc, and the weird boy leader (I can't remember his name for some reason) a squad of Kommandos, without Snikrot, and Storm Boyz with their leader. Everything had an 5++ save however not everything had shooting. I made it through the game only loosing a few models, and I killed his traitor. However I only pulled a minor win because we ran out of time... MINOR WIN

Round two, I played against a Chaos Marine player. Great game for me not so much fun for him, he had never seen the Dark Eldar codex in action, so he did not know what to shoot at. I gave him ideas on what to shoot at but he did not make good rolls or tactical decisions. It's okay, his list had two Daemon Princes with Warptime, four Zerkers in rhinos, two squads of plague bearers with melta guns in a rhino, eight oblits and I believe that is it... Alpha strike to the max that game was! Turn one, half of his army was gone to shooting! Needless to say turn three I sent the Daemons back to where they belong :) MASSACRE

Round three, I am tied for first. Jay and I look at each other and we know that we have to play one another. Wait, there is a dispute in the standings, the two top tier players who just played (Draigowing and Leafblower) So we have to split up into playing one of those two. FACEPALM I get paired up playing Leafblower. I did my best against this list, it is tough, but when your dice fail you any list is real tough! Turn 4 I was blown off the table, even with Dawn of War! I was in his face turn one, but my dice just did not want roll anything good. MASSACRED

So after a great day of games, and the habitual table I received I had a blast, I took home 4th place, and Jay took 2nd. But I can't wait for two weeks from know when we go to Norfolk for Atlantis Comics and Games for their 2k RTT! I am going to wreck face! And of course Stay tuned on Thursday because we are bringing back 40k Warcasting!!!!

Over and out,
Stay Classy

Sunday, August 14, 2011


well...this has certainly ruined my week.

This is my arm post-hospital. I've broken my finger (due to american football) and now am limited in just about everything. I'm also on vicodin, so I'm also quite loopy at times. To add insult to injury, I'm right handed....



The bright side is now I can take time off from football to focus on 40k. Just stuck in a rut with what i want to do. :p



Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to me :p

Hey everyone :)
with my birthday approaching, I was looking at items i want to get. while upon forgeworld, i stumbled across this beauty:

The dark eldar reaper. I figure i can use it either as a ravager or with its special rules from fw. GW Springfield is relaxed about FW stuff so i'm excited. This is what i intend to get one method or another and as such your going to see one of these gracing the blog soon. :) I'll be sure to post pics and WIP shots of the model. :D other than that I have to say that i wont be very active games wise, as football is starting and my DE havent had any love, apart from the purchase of a talos from the local haemonculi coven, i.e from GW

anyways, thats all the time i have...back to working on our new house :p


Saturday, July 30, 2011

battle #2 (pic Heavy)

hey everyone,

the other day i fielded my Imperial Fists in a game against orks and barely came out victorious. pictures are below:
(each is captioned)
The Imperial Fists setup. I had to castle to prevent myself from overreaching, as what wasn't in this picture was the rest of the ork horde...2 boyz units, a 15 strong lotta lootas and more kans.

The lascannoneer's pict-feed shortly before his death. The orks went first as i chose to deploy second. This inhibited my command squad's ability to move rapidly under protection as shown below...

Marine turn 1: A daring move towards orkish lines by Lysander and 5 TH/SS terminators resulted in a LOT of dead killa kans. The Command Squad hid and waited for their time to strike, although on second thought they should have moved to support the Terminators.

The Charge of the First company, after 3 kans had been butchered.

The command squad begins its advance on turn 2. The orks mob lysander but they miss most of the attacks. In a highlight, the warboss on bike swings with 7 attacks, hits with 4, wounds with 1. I save it. In return, Lysander pulps the boss with the fist of dorn. (I love eternal warrior)

Termies are whittled down. Lysander takes a wound but the remainder of the 1st smash orks left and right.

The Ven. Dread is immobilized on turn 3, command squad hurt by the lootas and the Raider turns to begin a 3 turn single handed eradication of the horde on the left flank. The Raider later becomes MVP due to its fluff like abilities, shrugging off masses of rokkits, klaw attacks and destroying 2-3 kans, 20+ boyz and a LOT of Lootas.

The Fists formation on turn 3.

Lysander is barely holding back the tide of primed orks. on the left in the back you can see wave 2 of da boyz incoming.

The flank that the LR Crusader annihilated.

Turn 5 (I forgot to get turn 4.) Trying to secure KP, the orks assault the Ven dread. He is able to keep them locked in combat for 2 turns, until the game ends on turn 7.

The Bulwark units. without them i would have been slaughtered.
Final Tally, 6KP Imperial Fists, 5KP orks.

Nothing in my army let me down, with the Fists coming out of the gate guns blazing and dice HOT. It was a great game against a great player and i'd be happy to play against him again.

For the Emperor!

Below are 3 photos: all of the previous game, DE against Noise Marines. (also a victory)
This was equally tough and i was scared about his units beating me constantly. Luckily Lelith and her crew (10 Incubi) saved my sorry butt in the end, so i had little to worry about. 

These don't have captions due to the fact that i can't remember a lot of specifics from the game. One thing a do remember is the Demon Prince in the 2nd pic. He harrassed lelith constantly with the Lash and almost killed her and her friends. Luckily the game ended. (That was a scary moment as we rolled to see if we continued.) :p

Anyways, hope you like the photos. I'll be sure to get more up soon. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's the Call: The Crucible of Malediction

Just shut up and play!

Hello people!
While finishing up some painting and making some list for Ard Boys, I was thinking about the Crucible of Malediction, and how awesome it is. Especially with so many pskyers prevalent to the game now why wouldn't you add this Ace in the hole?  Then I got to thinking about how it would effect pskyers if they were in a transport, and NO! I suddenly realized we are just going to wind up back with the Doom of Malan'tai debate.

So I figured I would ask the questions now and not have to argue them in a tournament, because arguing should never be done while playing competitively (cue lol), lol. Here is the way the Crucible of Malediction reads, "Once per game, in the Shooting phase, model with a Crucible of Maledicion may choose to open it instead of firing. Every psyker within 3D6" of the bearer must pass a leadership test or be removed from pay as they go stark raving mad. No saves of any kind are allowed."

Now the debate is going to be when I hit a psyker within a transport, just like Doom we can argue that the rules don't say we can't go through a transport, but it doesn't say we can. So that is about 10 minuets of arguing right there. After that we can go to Doom's FAQ and look at that but then they are going to want a cover save, however clear as day "NO SAVES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED." After hearing that the opponent is going to wine about how OP that is, we would probably wind up back to square one, and we have a never ending loop hole. However this does not effect every model, just every psyker, just throw two dice down and pray you don't get an eleven or a twelve, and we will move on.

I just want to know what is everyone's opinions on this? I think it is clear as air but I thought the Void mine rule was too. Oh well what can you do? Thank you FAQ for not clearing this up, I guess it is not as popular as I thought it would be. 


Monday, July 25, 2011

The best DE Character?

over the last few months, I've been hearing about each of the new Dark Eldar characters and how they operate so well. However some simply beat down the others in terms of awesomeness.

Below are 3 different characters that are the best overall and why.

Duke Sliscus:
This guy is a very, very tricky model. he has low combat power, (for a drugged up twin weapon wielding lord) but makes up for this in some key ways.
1) He is DIRT CHEAP. At 145 points he can really shine in lower point games. For his cost, his combat ability is reasonable, with 2 poisoned close combat weapons that can cause power weapon wounds on a 5+. 2) He also boosts the army by providing enhancements to gladiator units, aka wyches, reavers, hellions, and anyone with access to combat drugs.
3) He makes his army more mobile.  By allowing ravagers to deep strike, your opponent won't know what hit him when 2 or more Dark Lance armed ravagers drop in to cause mayhem amongst his proud armored line.
Overall, his abilities and statline mixed with his protection make him a solid and useful leader for any realspace raid.

Drazhar, Master of Blades:
At first glance, this big guy just seems like an upgraded and glorified Incubi. Thing is, he is. But that should draw more attention to the fact that he can be one of the most dangerous models your enemy will face.
1) Drazhar is tough. A 2+ save, solid statline, Eternal Warrior and boosted Strength and Toughness characteristics means he is very survivable in a large unit. He won't exactly live for too long on his own against heroes, but he isn't supposed to be used as an assassin. He is a butcher, and dropped into against combats against weaker inferior foes, (ranging from grots to Marines) he will go nuts. send him through a webway portal with a posse of Incubi against Marine Tactical squads and soon enough he will be raging and eating away through your opponents troops.
2) The Lord of Blades is a great distractor. Your enemy will recognize the threat he represents and focus on him and his crew. Should this happen, hug cover and you'll be fine, and just be happy that he's diverting that much killing power away from your more fragile Eldar warriors.
3) Power at a price. While he is great, he does have 2 major flaws, the lack of an Invulnerable save and his cost. both can be helped by using cover and a unit to shield him until FnP comes into effect, but it is a risk and a large chunk of your army can be lost with the use of some weaponry on him. Therefore, he would be my 2nd choice to have alongside an Archon.

Finally we come to my favorite and my number one pick (Purely coincidental, I swear)

I present to you Lelith Hesperax, the best there is.
here's why:
1) Risk? Forget it. This wych has amazing stats, a reasonable cost, and is a force to be reckoned with. To cross her is to die, simply enough. The amount of attacks she can put out in one combat phase is staggering, and I have personally seen her and a unit of Incubi go through a Chaos lord, Raptor Squad, 2 Noise Marine units and half a Demon Prince
2) Safety from danger. with a 4+ invul, and the possibility of FNP, she needs not fear anything. The only weakness she has is walkers, and they are often times slower. Keep her with some Incubi (preferably 10) and the webway's the limit with what they can achieve.
3) She is fast. With fleet and her basic move she can make a potential 12" a turn, and there's no reason for her not to run in the shooting phase. Doesn't seem like a lot, but if you have a raider or portal for her that can be placed in the middle of the board, she should be in combat the first turn she arrives.

Lelith is a horrifying adversary, as dangerous against Terminators as against a horde of Guard. She is not a blunt force like Drazhar, or a subtle instrument such as the Duke, but she can be likened to a precise blade. She has an uncanny ability to inflict maximum pain and when she does fight, it is garuanteed that the enemy will regret ever opposing her.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Neophyte Corner 1: Space Marines 101

Hello Neophyte!

The world of Warhammer 40,000 can be a bit much to bite off when you first get into it. There are these cool guys in power armour with big guns, big green Orks running around with crazy weapons, and even exotic guys with pointy helmets some are pointy! Well good thing you knew that I am here to help, I am going to break down each race by three categories; Play Style, Effectiveness in the overall game and hobby aspect. Well enough of that lets get down to it!

Space Marines: When you say Space Marine everyone knows who we are talking about, none other than the Emperor's finest!
For the Emperor!
   These guys are very versitile and a great starting army. They have different HQs that will give armies different characteristics. A mass selection of awesome units to choose from from the basic Space Marine to the furious Dreadnought. Then after you get the rules down they have different chapters that can quench whatever thirst your heart desires.
   The effectiveness of these guys is superb, if you ever look on any Forum you will see people comparing their armies to these guys. (Known as Marine Equivalent or MEQ) There stat lines are all good, with a 3+ armour save on their basic troops they are tough as nails. Their guns are basic as well but they get all sorts of good upgrades, and you can split squads in half if you want.

Basic Combat Squad

Hobby: When it comes to the hobby these guys are great too, with most of the models out for this army made of plastic. This means its easier to carry and less harsh on your wallet! You can paint them any color you want and they will still be Diesel! Very easy to paint large surface areas, and paint up a few and you have a nice size army!
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Tactics: Space Marines can do anything that your imagination can conjure up! If you want an all Bike list take Khan and run that list, it is very troublesome. Razor spam is a common list because of the effectiveness, with marching terminators with Lysander is a good starting list. Gun line is another list to think of you can combat squad units to get more shots off every turn! How about the popular Vulkan list, re-roll melta and flamer weapons all around? With the current meta you will dominate!

That does it for this installment of this weeks Neophyte's corner! Stay tuned for the next one, Codex: Imperial guard!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hobby: Personal Challenge

Hello Folks,

I was playing a game yesterday with Jay the Host of 40k Warcasting, and one of our good friends came in talking about going to the tournament that the 11th Company is hosting! It is November 12-13th in South Carolina, which is about a 4 or 5 hour drive from here in Virginia. It is a 2,000 point NOVA open styled tournament with no painting requirement, which is great but if you have a painted army and do poorly then you can still win best general!

So with that being said, I told them I would have 2000 points of Dark Eldar ready to roll out fully painted with my paint scheme. They were very amused by my comment, so then I decided to make a personal goal for my army. There is about four months before the tournament, and so that leaves 16 weeks. I will be painting about 125 points of models a week, and getting a play test game in for that list. So we will see where it goes! And of course you the reader get to see my progress!


What kind of challenges have you made for yourself to get ready for an event or even just for the sense of accomplishment? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


It seems I'm not as bad as I thought! In the initial stages of the shattered kabal's raiding campaign, victory was claimed over the decadent noise marines.

It was a very fun and back and forth 1500 point game, where he was systematically slaughtering me until the arrival of the slaughter-lord and his incubi brethren.
What I learned:
Daemon princes are evil.

Lelith is a very,very effective infantry killer.

10 incubi are amazing

Webway portals actually work

I need more dark lances

Oh, and kharrass is a pansy :/

Will post pics and more up later. But congrats to my de on their first ever victory!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Everyone Seems to be anti-Demons these days!

Hey folks,

Just a bit of off subject material, (but I could not resist the segway!) I was exploring through the Internet, and came across this beautiful gem!
Even Blizzard is having a Grey Knight moment!

Wow this game is really getting me excited! I can't wait for it to come out! And I think it just ended the long space debate, what came first the Zerg or the Tyranids!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Long Week, Update.

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted, so I will make this little jogger to let you know what is on the agenda this week! I am going to have quite a few games for the Jersey's weekly game tournament, I have to play catch up, I have been working in a factory for a week to make some extra money to get my Dark Eldar ready for Ard Boyz. Saturday will be the Groovy Gecko's tournament, 2500 points practice for Ard Boyz, I am real confident in this list I am bringing!

As for my Hobby aspect I have quite a bit of models to put together that I will be doing this week, and if I can I will be painting some models too!

Tactics, will come from games and tournament. And if I can get a few logs in about a Voidraven Bomber, I really think these guys are good, but we will see!

That's about all look forward to some good battle reps and some hobby updates!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Farseer Kharanthris and Steel Legion attempt #1

Hey everyone,

me actually thinking for once, I packed paints, brushes and models into my fast attack bag. (I love that thing) So, I have models to paint while everythings packed away. :)

Therefore, here is Lord Farseer Kharanthris of Biel-Tann and my first (and only) 2 steel legion models.

Hope you like :)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Update #? (I forget :p)

Hey everyone...been packing recently and all, which hasn't left me time to work on warhammer, and when i do have some time, I hardly want to touch a paintbrush.

However, It gave me the motivation I needed to build the rest of my Kabalites and Incubi. I also found 4 Disintegrator cannons and multiple aethersails hanging around so I plan to use those on a scratchbuilt superheavy sometime soon. Hmmm....Pirate ship much??? :)

other than that I don't have a lot to say. heading back soon and i've been making lists, scrapping them, checking all of my units effectiveness, etc. I'll have another DE list up soon.

Happy Gaming,


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown 2011

Greetings everyone...

Today I have a huge bit of news (well, for me) I return to the U.S. in a week!

That is correct. I am coming back and i expect to throw down in VA for the summer. Accompanying me are my trusty and ever faithful Imperial Fists, the newbie Shattered Kabal, and for the first time, Lord Erick von Draks Eternal Guard. (Vampire Counts.)

Therefore, I publicly wish to make another announcement:

Lord AceBlitzkrieg, you are hereby challenged to (dis)honorable combat by Lord Kharrass of the Shattered, and Captain Varik of the Imperial Fists. Refuse, and forfeit your Honor! Accept, and may the God Emperor have mercy upon you!!!!!

Ok....crazy rant over with, I basically mean that i should be able to get a few games in with ace and everyone down in williamsburg this summer. :D so look out for upcoming battle reports as my armies train for victory over Ace's DE. Actually, just victory in general.

and as my last point, I just wish to say.....
6th ED????? AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I'm personally tired of these updates requiring new books, rules, and so forth. if GW keeps doing this and it keeps raising prices, well i may need to choose another hobby. I've already got my eye set on dirtbikes and paintball. I hope i don't have to switch, but 40 bucks for 10 guys is a bit much imo. (grave guard. :/) I know this is an old rant heard before but i've reached the point where i am tiring of constant price increases :( ugh.

Wow....2 rants in one post. I must be stressed. :p

anyways, Here's to a great summer of 40k :) (Possibly fantasy depending on if i get into it again.) Ace, can't wait to see you again.


(BTW seriously check out 40kWarcasting. Loved the first episode i listened to and now i'm a big fan :D btw thanks for the "shout out" on the Episode. The Cassius v Cassius fight was hilarious ;) and yeah, if stompas were in the codex, i'd be a very sad person.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Painting: Second Warrior, Official Paint Scheme

Hello people!

Just finished my second guy with a new paint scheme and I have to say I love it, this is exactly how I want my whole army to be! Now that I have a theme it will be so much easier to turn out these guys. The next step is to put up a paint guide for the rest of you who want this scheme! I'll shut up now and give you what you want!

Well there he is! Let me know what you think! The base will be done when I get some gravel, I am currently on vacation in Tennessee, hopefully making a trip to Murfesboro tomorrow!

Thanks Deryk

Hammer Strikes!