Monday, July 25, 2011

The best DE Character?

over the last few months, I've been hearing about each of the new Dark Eldar characters and how they operate so well. However some simply beat down the others in terms of awesomeness.

Below are 3 different characters that are the best overall and why.

Duke Sliscus:
This guy is a very, very tricky model. he has low combat power, (for a drugged up twin weapon wielding lord) but makes up for this in some key ways.
1) He is DIRT CHEAP. At 145 points he can really shine in lower point games. For his cost, his combat ability is reasonable, with 2 poisoned close combat weapons that can cause power weapon wounds on a 5+. 2) He also boosts the army by providing enhancements to gladiator units, aka wyches, reavers, hellions, and anyone with access to combat drugs.
3) He makes his army more mobile.  By allowing ravagers to deep strike, your opponent won't know what hit him when 2 or more Dark Lance armed ravagers drop in to cause mayhem amongst his proud armored line.
Overall, his abilities and statline mixed with his protection make him a solid and useful leader for any realspace raid.

Drazhar, Master of Blades:
At first glance, this big guy just seems like an upgraded and glorified Incubi. Thing is, he is. But that should draw more attention to the fact that he can be one of the most dangerous models your enemy will face.
1) Drazhar is tough. A 2+ save, solid statline, Eternal Warrior and boosted Strength and Toughness characteristics means he is very survivable in a large unit. He won't exactly live for too long on his own against heroes, but he isn't supposed to be used as an assassin. He is a butcher, and dropped into against combats against weaker inferior foes, (ranging from grots to Marines) he will go nuts. send him through a webway portal with a posse of Incubi against Marine Tactical squads and soon enough he will be raging and eating away through your opponents troops.
2) The Lord of Blades is a great distractor. Your enemy will recognize the threat he represents and focus on him and his crew. Should this happen, hug cover and you'll be fine, and just be happy that he's diverting that much killing power away from your more fragile Eldar warriors.
3) Power at a price. While he is great, he does have 2 major flaws, the lack of an Invulnerable save and his cost. both can be helped by using cover and a unit to shield him until FnP comes into effect, but it is a risk and a large chunk of your army can be lost with the use of some weaponry on him. Therefore, he would be my 2nd choice to have alongside an Archon.

Finally we come to my favorite and my number one pick (Purely coincidental, I swear)

I present to you Lelith Hesperax, the best there is.
here's why:
1) Risk? Forget it. This wych has amazing stats, a reasonable cost, and is a force to be reckoned with. To cross her is to die, simply enough. The amount of attacks she can put out in one combat phase is staggering, and I have personally seen her and a unit of Incubi go through a Chaos lord, Raptor Squad, 2 Noise Marine units and half a Demon Prince
2) Safety from danger. with a 4+ invul, and the possibility of FNP, she needs not fear anything. The only weakness she has is walkers, and they are often times slower. Keep her with some Incubi (preferably 10) and the webway's the limit with what they can achieve.
3) She is fast. With fleet and her basic move she can make a potential 12" a turn, and there's no reason for her not to run in the shooting phase. Doesn't seem like a lot, but if you have a raider or portal for her that can be placed in the middle of the board, she should be in combat the first turn she arrives.

Lelith is a horrifying adversary, as dangerous against Terminators as against a horde of Guard. She is not a blunt force like Drazhar, or a subtle instrument such as the Duke, but she can be likened to a precise blade. She has an uncanny ability to inflict maximum pain and when she does fight, it is garuanteed that the enemy will regret ever opposing her.

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