Saturday, July 30, 2011

battle #2 (pic Heavy)

hey everyone,

the other day i fielded my Imperial Fists in a game against orks and barely came out victorious. pictures are below:
(each is captioned)
The Imperial Fists setup. I had to castle to prevent myself from overreaching, as what wasn't in this picture was the rest of the ork horde...2 boyz units, a 15 strong lotta lootas and more kans.

The lascannoneer's pict-feed shortly before his death. The orks went first as i chose to deploy second. This inhibited my command squad's ability to move rapidly under protection as shown below...

Marine turn 1: A daring move towards orkish lines by Lysander and 5 TH/SS terminators resulted in a LOT of dead killa kans. The Command Squad hid and waited for their time to strike, although on second thought they should have moved to support the Terminators.

The Charge of the First company, after 3 kans had been butchered.

The command squad begins its advance on turn 2. The orks mob lysander but they miss most of the attacks. In a highlight, the warboss on bike swings with 7 attacks, hits with 4, wounds with 1. I save it. In return, Lysander pulps the boss with the fist of dorn. (I love eternal warrior)

Termies are whittled down. Lysander takes a wound but the remainder of the 1st smash orks left and right.

The Ven. Dread is immobilized on turn 3, command squad hurt by the lootas and the Raider turns to begin a 3 turn single handed eradication of the horde on the left flank. The Raider later becomes MVP due to its fluff like abilities, shrugging off masses of rokkits, klaw attacks and destroying 2-3 kans, 20+ boyz and a LOT of Lootas.

The Fists formation on turn 3.

Lysander is barely holding back the tide of primed orks. on the left in the back you can see wave 2 of da boyz incoming.

The flank that the LR Crusader annihilated.

Turn 5 (I forgot to get turn 4.) Trying to secure KP, the orks assault the Ven dread. He is able to keep them locked in combat for 2 turns, until the game ends on turn 7.

The Bulwark units. without them i would have been slaughtered.
Final Tally, 6KP Imperial Fists, 5KP orks.

Nothing in my army let me down, with the Fists coming out of the gate guns blazing and dice HOT. It was a great game against a great player and i'd be happy to play against him again.

For the Emperor!

Below are 3 photos: all of the previous game, DE against Noise Marines. (also a victory)
This was equally tough and i was scared about his units beating me constantly. Luckily Lelith and her crew (10 Incubi) saved my sorry butt in the end, so i had little to worry about. 

These don't have captions due to the fact that i can't remember a lot of specifics from the game. One thing a do remember is the Demon Prince in the 2nd pic. He harrassed lelith constantly with the Lash and almost killed her and her friends. Luckily the game ended. (That was a scary moment as we rolled to see if we continued.) :p

Anyways, hope you like the photos. I'll be sure to get more up soon. :)

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