Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to me :p

Hey everyone :)
with my birthday approaching, I was looking at items i want to get. while upon forgeworld, i stumbled across this beauty:

The dark eldar reaper. I figure i can use it either as a ravager or with its special rules from fw. GW Springfield is relaxed about FW stuff so i'm excited. This is what i intend to get one method or another and as such your going to see one of these gracing the blog soon. :) I'll be sure to post pics and WIP shots of the model. :D other than that I have to say that i wont be very active games wise, as football is starting and my DE havent had any love, apart from the purchase of a talos from the local haemonculi coven, i.e from GW

anyways, thats all the time i have...back to working on our new house :p


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