Monday, August 15, 2011

"Ard Boyz Results

Hello folks,
As everyone knows, the infamous event known as 'Ard Boyz took place on Saturday. Most of us looking for something to pass the day away went  and competed. So Jay and I went to our local gaming store Groovy Geckos, and went hard core. He brought his Blood Angles (Razor Spam of DOOOOOM!) and I brought my Dark Eldar, I call it Vader spam (maxes on both raiders and venoms)

Round one I played against a weird Ork list, and by weird I mean I have never seen anything like it before, three battle wagons, 3 20 man squads in side with the works. A 30 man squad with the works, Mad Doc, and the weird boy leader (I can't remember his name for some reason) a squad of Kommandos, without Snikrot, and Storm Boyz with their leader. Everything had an 5++ save however not everything had shooting. I made it through the game only loosing a few models, and I killed his traitor. However I only pulled a minor win because we ran out of time... MINOR WIN

Round two, I played against a Chaos Marine player. Great game for me not so much fun for him, he had never seen the Dark Eldar codex in action, so he did not know what to shoot at. I gave him ideas on what to shoot at but he did not make good rolls or tactical decisions. It's okay, his list had two Daemon Princes with Warptime, four Zerkers in rhinos, two squads of plague bearers with melta guns in a rhino, eight oblits and I believe that is it... Alpha strike to the max that game was! Turn one, half of his army was gone to shooting! Needless to say turn three I sent the Daemons back to where they belong :) MASSACRE

Round three, I am tied for first. Jay and I look at each other and we know that we have to play one another. Wait, there is a dispute in the standings, the two top tier players who just played (Draigowing and Leafblower) So we have to split up into playing one of those two. FACEPALM I get paired up playing Leafblower. I did my best against this list, it is tough, but when your dice fail you any list is real tough! Turn 4 I was blown off the table, even with Dawn of War! I was in his face turn one, but my dice just did not want roll anything good. MASSACRED

So after a great day of games, and the habitual table I received I had a blast, I took home 4th place, and Jay took 2nd. But I can't wait for two weeks from know when we go to Norfolk for Atlantis Comics and Games for their 2k RTT! I am going to wreck face! And of course Stay tuned on Thursday because we are bringing back 40k Warcasting!!!!

Over and out,
Stay Classy

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