Tuesday, August 30, 2011

:D a very happy moment.

The other day, I purchased IA volume 9. Why is this such a big deal?

I love the badab war. The chapters involved were all very cool and it allows me to deviate from the typical GW campaigns and books. The book itself was a "BIT" overpriced (watch if I ever spend $75 on a book again) but so far it's been worth it.

Anyways.... While I was immersing myself in the history of the badab war and ogling the tyrants legion army list, I came across the howling griffons. These boys look absolutely terrifying to paint. Red and yellow, quartered? Are you kidding??? You'd have to be insane.

Sure enough, 5 minutes later, I was painting terminators in the griffons scheme. Once the shoulderpads were done I realized how obnoxious this truly would be, so I attempted the codex approved night camo, that was popular with the griffons during the massacre on khymara.
It was a much better choice. I promptly finished a combat squad, terminator squad and a cap'n. Just to add some flavor, a raptors predator in tundra camo found it's way into my badab loyalists' coalition. So far i'm just gonna see where this is gonna take me.

I'll work on photos for the next post so be on the lookout.
See you then,

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