Saturday, July 23, 2011

Neophyte Corner 1: Space Marines 101

Hello Neophyte!

The world of Warhammer 40,000 can be a bit much to bite off when you first get into it. There are these cool guys in power armour with big guns, big green Orks running around with crazy weapons, and even exotic guys with pointy helmets some are pointy! Well good thing you knew that I am here to help, I am going to break down each race by three categories; Play Style, Effectiveness in the overall game and hobby aspect. Well enough of that lets get down to it!

Space Marines: When you say Space Marine everyone knows who we are talking about, none other than the Emperor's finest!
For the Emperor!
   These guys are very versitile and a great starting army. They have different HQs that will give armies different characteristics. A mass selection of awesome units to choose from from the basic Space Marine to the furious Dreadnought. Then after you get the rules down they have different chapters that can quench whatever thirst your heart desires.
   The effectiveness of these guys is superb, if you ever look on any Forum you will see people comparing their armies to these guys. (Known as Marine Equivalent or MEQ) There stat lines are all good, with a 3+ armour save on their basic troops they are tough as nails. Their guns are basic as well but they get all sorts of good upgrades, and you can split squads in half if you want.

Basic Combat Squad

Hobby: When it comes to the hobby these guys are great too, with most of the models out for this army made of plastic. This means its easier to carry and less harsh on your wallet! You can paint them any color you want and they will still be Diesel! Very easy to paint large surface areas, and paint up a few and you have a nice size army!
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Tactics: Space Marines can do anything that your imagination can conjure up! If you want an all Bike list take Khan and run that list, it is very troublesome. Razor spam is a common list because of the effectiveness, with marching terminators with Lysander is a good starting list. Gun line is another list to think of you can combat squad units to get more shots off every turn! How about the popular Vulkan list, re-roll melta and flamer weapons all around? With the current meta you will dominate!

That does it for this installment of this weeks Neophyte's corner! Stay tuned for the next one, Codex: Imperial guard!

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  1. Great work, summed up why I started the hobby with Space Marines.



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