Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's the Call: The Crucible of Malediction

Just shut up and play!

Hello people!
While finishing up some painting and making some list for Ard Boys, I was thinking about the Crucible of Malediction, and how awesome it is. Especially with so many pskyers prevalent to the game now why wouldn't you add this Ace in the hole?  Then I got to thinking about how it would effect pskyers if they were in a transport, and NO! I suddenly realized we are just going to wind up back with the Doom of Malan'tai debate.

So I figured I would ask the questions now and not have to argue them in a tournament, because arguing should never be done while playing competitively (cue lol), lol. Here is the way the Crucible of Malediction reads, "Once per game, in the Shooting phase, model with a Crucible of Maledicion may choose to open it instead of firing. Every psyker within 3D6" of the bearer must pass a leadership test or be removed from pay as they go stark raving mad. No saves of any kind are allowed."

Now the debate is going to be when I hit a psyker within a transport, just like Doom we can argue that the rules don't say we can't go through a transport, but it doesn't say we can. So that is about 10 minuets of arguing right there. After that we can go to Doom's FAQ and look at that but then they are going to want a cover save, however clear as day "NO SAVES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED." After hearing that the opponent is going to wine about how OP that is, we would probably wind up back to square one, and we have a never ending loop hole. However this does not effect every model, just every psyker, just throw two dice down and pray you don't get an eleven or a twelve, and we will move on.

I just want to know what is everyone's opinions on this? I think it is clear as air but I thought the Void mine rule was too. Oh well what can you do? Thank you FAQ for not clearing this up, I guess it is not as popular as I thought it would be. 


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