Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The promised (super-heavy) photos

So today I was takin pics of my archon and said....Why not photograph everything I want to paint, that I have painted, and what I'm working on?
so here you go: a wholeee lotta photos. :) Unfortunately they're all at Flickr until I figure out how to post the damn photos....:/
 anyways, here's the link and the list below of what you'll find
Archon shots
Converted Dire Avenger Kabalites...I was bored...and they came out amazing.
Valkyrie #2 (see if you can find the small conversion...Its small and hard to see but cool :)
Salahiem 31st IG tanks
WIP Imperial fist sternguard: (Last Fist unit!!!! :D Taking a while though)
Baneblade "Son of Iron"
Thunderbolt Echo 3 aka "Rapier"
Nightwing/ soon to be converted voidraven "Silent Scream" WIP
Blood Ravens Captain Erik.

That's all from me for now. Check that link after every post from me and I can guarantee new material each time

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