Thursday, June 9, 2011

The war for Icarus: Part one.

This is the beginning of the war for Icarus 4 and it starts where my last story left off. it runs in multiple parts but this is essentially chapter one of the "series." Hope you like it.

Icarus IV sat like a shining jewel in the system. Clouds streaked the planet with white, while blue seas enveloped the globe, broken only by lush green continents and the rugged mountains. Its beauty had awed the visitor before, but today he his mood was sombre.

Erick's jaw clenched as he thought of what was occurring on the planet's surface. Of what those damned Tau were doing to his homeworld. He would not allow what had befallen Torissavia to occur on his and his chapter's home.

"Brothers, today we avenge that which was lost."

Erick turned to his assembled bretheren. They stood, Rigid and Immobile, and he felt supremely proud of them all. He knew they would not fail him in the fight to come.

"Lord Hadron Himself has given us a task that many would envy. I, however, know this task to be among the toughest challenges to be faced in this campaign. I also know that I WILL NOT shirk from my duties. Will you?"

A resounding crash of 100 odd fists on chestplates echoed throughout the ship. A chorus of Denial followed not a second later.

" Good. We are to be the first wave in, along with the 3rd and 9th companies. We will assault the Capitol while Captains Cyllus and Zohrain hold off any Tau reinforcement efforts. Once we have successfully breached and entered the main hive, we will proceed to the space port inside and link up with the remainder of the 6th company. They will be exhausted and low on supplies, so we will man their positions while they evacuate any loyalist civilians and supplies. Then they will evacuate leaving us, 3rd, and 9th companies to hold out. This will be the toughest time of all as our only form of resupply will be small arms from the Weapons-pods and anything the 6th can spare from the armories."

Silence reigned as the 2nd comapny awaited Ericks conclusion. The Captain felt the unease in some of the newer recruits.

"Brothers, this day will go down in the annals in one of 2 ways. Either we will be the saviours of our home, and defenders of our realms, or we will be the ones who failed the Icarian Subsector in its time of need. I have faith in you. Do not disappoint me."

At these words, every marine's back straightened. A palpable sense of resolve filled the hall. Erick nodded solemnly and turned to Chaplain Andreas.

"Chaplain, If you would?"

"Of course, my lord. Brothers-know this. He is watching over you. He is guiding you. Fight well, and you will be forever assured a place at his side. Ave Imperator."

100 voices boomed with the reply:

"Ave Imperator!"

Erick waited and only spoke once Andreas had given him leave to.

"Good. Now, my brothers-prepare yourselves. We drop in an hour. any rites should be conducted now and any marine not on the embarkation deck will suffer severe punishment. In other words, he'll have to fight me once we're back." Ericks last statement was accompanied by a smile and he got a good number of laughs in return.

"For the Emperor brothers! and remember our creed: Strike Hard!"

The marines all yelled the response in unison, all doubt and uneasiness washed away:

"Strike Fast!"

Erick smiled. His men would make the chapter proud.

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