Monday, April 12, 2010

Counter list.

As a "warrior of the emperor" if feel it necessary to bring balance to the boards, and here is a list based off of my own Chapter-


Captain with Thunder Hammer, artificer armor, and digital weapons,

2x tac squads with meltas, rocket launchers, and an assault cannon armed razorback
(1 squad has a power weapon, and both split into combat squads)

10 strong scout squad, sarge w/ pwr fist

10 terminators, 2x assault cannons.


Predator destructr w/ hvy bolters

and for Shrike:

10 assault marines w/ sarge w/ power weapon and melta bombs

As is pretty evident- the army moves forwards, excepting the 2 combat squadded rocket units and predator (who take out tanks), the other combat squads lay down heavy fire for almost any enemy, and the terminators trudge across and either soak up enemy fire, or assault my enemy with a ton of powerfist hits. The scouts...scout and outflank, while shrike acts as a wild card and reacts to any random threats that materialize. The vindicator is a unit that is tasked with Anti infantry or anti tank unit removal.

This force would make a mess of most armies and is pretty balanced. This would be my first 2000 points in almost any army, and for 2250, I would add a MM armed attack bike team and another Vindicator.



  1. I don't like buying Razorbacks, as they force Combat Squadding - it should be a tactical choice, not enforced at deployment, IMO.


  2. This is a list meant to be extremely direct, and almost every unit needs to move up.

    But yeah. Sometimes, it can suck...



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