Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So CLOSE!!!!

Okay, I really have to say I am at a crucial point in my life...

For the last 5 years I have been collecting the Shadow Stalkers Chapter on and off, and finally I have reduced my amount needed to finish painting down to 5 Black Reach Termies and 1 Predator Destructor. Needless to say, when I found out how close I was I was overjoyed and I now only need to buckle down to finish  these few. Unfortunately, I had a painting desire that kept me going while I was  painting two Gorgeous captains, 5 scouts, 3 razorbacks and a drop-pod, but it has run out and I am struggling to begin. And so I ask of you...any tips or feedback? It may restart my drive to finish and help me out.

In other news, I was thinking about how cool Belial and the DW used to be, and I may revive them in a cool pre-heresy fashion, as world eaters...I would love to see an army of 20 blue and white models of Various fashions on the board. What do You think of this list:

Captain Zorath (Belial) w/ TH/SS

Zorath's Fist and Zorath's Hammer-5 TH/SS terminators

Zorath's Claws-5 Lightning claw terminators

Zorath's Gauntlet-5 pwrfist termies w/  assault cannon.

Dreadnought Gharrsek, Farrin and Khian-extra armor, venerable and MM/assault cannons

(Interrogator)Chaplain Aleksandr the unstable-in terminator armor, w/ strm blter.

Land Raider Crusaders Death of Gods and Bloodhound-Multi meltas and extra armor

I want to do this list, but only if you guys would like to see it. Comment on it and criticize it if you want.


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