Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tournament List

Hey Dudez,

Sitting here preparing for the tournament down at Tower of Games and I am wondering what to bring. The tournament is 1500 points, the last event was 1200 and I ran:
3, 30 Boyz Squads with Nob with power klaw, bosspole and eavy armour.
7 Lootas
6 Lootas
Deff Dread with 2 additional Combat Weapons

The list did PHENOMENAL! Except when the dude pulled out 12 Burna boys and tabled me.. But besides that I felt I did well,

So preparing for the next event, I was thinking either 5 Mega Nobz and a Battlewagon deff rolla and rokkit launchers. Count them as troops, throw Thrakka in there and have them go off to war.

So I am asking you, to give me a recommendation to pack a punch for 300 points. I may post more ideas as they pop in my head!

Logging out!



  1. I suggest more Lootas. I like the layout here, btw. Very swish.

  2. Yeah I generally only run one squad of 10 I have found them to do very well, I am working on a list right now!

    But thanks for the first post dudez! Tell your friends to follow us, the end of April will hold a special treat for one lucky follower!!!




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