Monday, May 24, 2010

The Chaos List

Hey Dudez,

Just made up my upcoming Chaos army's list! I think it is a very powerful list based off what I have seen Chaos player's use.

Daemon Prince- Wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission

Daemon Prince- Wings, Mark of Slannesh, Lash of Submission

Summoned Greater Daemon

4 Chaos Terminators- 2 Pairs of Lighting Claws, 2 Power Fist, Heavy Flamers
1 Champion Chaos Terminator- Pair of Lighting Claws, All with Mark of Khorne

9 Chaos Space Marines- 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Fist. Mounted in Rhino

9 Chaos Space Marines- 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Fist. Mounted in Rhino

9 Chaos Space Marines- 2 Meltaguns, Champion with Power Fist. Mounted in Rhino

Heavy Support



Have the Daemon Princes swarm enemy lines draw them either closer or further away via lash. While a spear head of Rhinos break through the lines to tackle tough armor or to take out tough units. Terminators go straight to the enemies heart and soul, with 16 lighting claw attacks on the charge, not much is going to stand in their way, followed by 8 Power Fist hits to the face, yeah that is pretty scary. While the Oblits just sit back and give me cover fire. Then when they least expect him the Greater Daemon will be summoned right where he is needed with 4 champions to choose from.

I can't wait to test play this list before I invest time and money into these guys!

Let me know what you guys think!


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  1. I think this list would be REALLY good in tournaments if a couple of things were changed:

    1. Lesser daemons are NUTS! They aren't super tough but they can hold their own in combat. (Not to mention objectives.) A unit or 2 wouldn't be too bad in this list.

    2. The marines should be reorganized as Khorne Berserkers. They're expensive, but twice as good as normal marines. And since you're pulling the enemy towards you, smaller units of 8 or 7 can still dish out as much pain as a 10 man CSM squad, without losing too many troops.

    3. Terminators + CSM codex= suck. (Personal and tested belief.) They draw fire and are not as effective as regular (loyalist) termies in combat.

    4. The Oblits, while good, are easy kill points and shuld be in 2 groups of 2. This allows for target selection and the ability to stay low on KP.

    5. Who will the GD come out of? All the champs are quite costly and valuable for each squad. They should be cheaper.

    This is just a personal idea of what I think of the list. If you see something wrong with it. please inform(ate) me.

    Oh, and 2 Lash Princes? Crap... :p :)



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