Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hold the Line!- A 2000 point SM Defensive list.

Hey everyone.

I recently was thinking of the various ways that SM armies ATTACK enemy armies, and in their fluff, It states that they excel at rapid strikes into enemy territory. They embody the saying of, "cut off the head, and the body will die."

But, what if a SM army was dragged into a prolonged City-Fight? What would be a good list and Why? So I made the list to see if they really could be just as effective defending as attacking.

Here it is:

Chapter Master, TH/SS, Artificer Armor. Pts: 185

Librarian, Epistolary, Force Dome, Gate of Infinity. Pts: 153

2x Sternguard Veteran squads, 10 veterans, Power fist, 2 meltaguns. Pts: 285 each.

4x Tactical squads, 10 marines, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gun. Points: 170 each.

Scout Squad, 10 scouts, sgt. w/ power fist. Pts: 165

Vindicator, extra armor. Pts: 130

Predator, sponson hvy bolters, extra armor, storm bolter. Pts: 110

Total: 1997

The Horde army here is a very useful list for most missions.

Against assault armies, the 4 Tactical squads set up on your board edge in a semicircle. The Chap. Master and Librarian join the sternguard (SG) units, which set up to act as reinforcements for the tac squads. The Vindicator becomes either a target or an area denial unit, however cover and infantry support are needed to protect it. In essence it should be a mobile bunker, whereas the Predator uses its guns for Anti light vehicle and walker destruction. The scouts become an outflanking nuisance and harassment unit that contests objectives or ties up Anti tank units. As a side trick, the Librarian and friends can use GoI to teleport rapidly to a new location, such as an enemy objective. Also, an orbital strike CAN cause massive damage to the enemy assault units.

For any shooty armies, The scouts and vehicles play the same role, however, the units instead move in a battle line with the SG in between and lay down suppressing fire. The Vindicator also moves up in the middle and breaks up any castled enemy units.

This is my interpretation of a good horde SM list and it also works extremely well w/ Kantor, who allows the teleporting SG to capture objectives!


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