Monday, May 24, 2010

This Just In... 40k Radio Down?

Hey Dudez!

Breaking news this evening, what could be more graving than pissing off my own mother? 40k Radio going off air! What is up with that? While Hogs of War is quoting that there has been threats against the creators and his family... Where did I go wrong in this community? This whole time I thought we were all members in a family of outcast. That is what we do, we don't care what you think, we all get along. So in this shocking news it crumbles my whole belief that we are all family... But really are we? If this event of actions has taken place then it really makes me wonder... It's just something that I can not, will not believe. Could this be an act just to let the show go off to help sell the show like he said (I pray to the Emperor do not let this be) or could there have been someone actually threaten him and his family (and I pray to the Emperor that they come see me, because I will get vengeance) But post away, and tell a friend about this dreadful day..


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