Monday, May 17, 2010

Time for a Check Up

Hey Dudez,

Ace back and this time on a positive note! (Did a bunch of soul searching and I have found myself again). Congrats Ninja for winning that beautifully painted Commander! Check that guys blog out, man are you talking about some great paint jobs or what? But enough about me lets talk about the future of this blog!

The Message
The pure intentions of this blog will be for me and Ninja (and whoever wants to be a columnist for this blog with an appropriate interview) to deliever updates on our armies weather it be Warhammer, 40k, FOW or whatever! We want people to know our armies and people to comment on their opinions of them. We wouldn't just post pics up there to make us feel better! So stop by leave a comment and we would really appreciate it.

As well as paint jobs, I will be posting some of the commission work that I have started doing as well as paint tutorials as I go though painting these models. Also I am working on a couple of columns to get people the right start into playing 40k. It is a great hobby and why not have a good source to learn how to play!

The Voice
Everything said on this Blog by either Ninja or I, is in pure relation to our personal opinions, and should be read that way. I can get very edgy on some subjects and I do not want to come off as that blogger who is mad at the world! Because that is just not me, so if you read something that you don't like leave a comment and/or respond to me on why you don't like what I said!

The Goal
I (Ace) have made it a personal goal to have 300 followers by this time next year. As well as to have fully painted armies on this site. And a killer tutorial section that will make it easier for people to learn the game! That is my personal goal for the next year on Anvil of War and I think that it is possible to accomplish! However I do need the readers help! Feedback is everything in my world so the more feedback that you leave me the better I will get, also tell your friends about this site and help me get to my goal! We are all human and want to help each other out, and who knows maybe we can have a contest?!

Well I am off to snap some pictures and paint some models to show you guys that I mean business!


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  1. Sounds good Ace, I can't wait to see the models.

    I think that the goal is also a great thing to aspire to, and (hopefully) it can be achieved

    Now then...I am off to sleep.



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