Friday, May 28, 2010



Why is it that so many amazing models are now OOP?

I've been trolling around lately on Ebay and other forums, and can't help but notice that GW really screwed itself over by stopping production of the Praetorians, which are quite nice models and have a huge fan base...

Unless it was all a super-devious marketing ploy by GW to make people love the dwindling supply of old IG? Now most classic IG are restricted to the collectors section of the website, like the Steel Legion or Mordian Iron Guard. What occurs soon afterwards (Praetorians really show this off.) is that people rush to buy as many of the models left to make great armies. I mean, have you all seen the comments that follow Praetorian posts? They are mainly like, "Oh, I love Praetorians!" and, "Praetorians? Those guys are awesome!" Now don't get me wrong, I like these armies and always have a tendency to buy steel legion (when I can) when I see these, but would it hurt GW so much to release the Praetorians again? Even if only for a short while? They would definitely see a HUGE profit from even a 2 month window of opportunity. A box that is alike to a starter set but for a historical 40k conflict would be perfect for this, and i would only need to contain 40 odd praetorians including infantry, special weapons and heavy weapons, and the same for an opponent, at about $100-$150 and people would go nuts!

Then again, which army is next in line for being OOP? :(

Back to doing well...nothing (much),

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