Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally, some Imperial Fist Photos.

Here is my army all displayed on the world of livingroomtable, an arid, antique area of woe. So without further ado, my glorious Imperial Fist army...Without Transfers.
(I hate those things.)

Problem is that the army is very, very small. But oh well. Only 12-14 KP's in it. :p
BTW these kids were created bcause one day I threw 2000 points of a fun SM army together and said to my gaming store owner, "I'll collect, build and paint all 2000 points of these guys in an IF scheme." And so they were born. Took me 3 months, but I did it, and I love 'em. this list has claimed 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Tournaments at that same gaming store so I respect it. It's balanced and fun to play, and no It doesn't contain Mr. UBER-DEATH Lysander b/c every SM army I saw had him. Hell, there are no special characters whatsoever.

 Here's My contestant to All Things 40k's contest. He makes me proud to have painted this army. :) I think we all know who is entering Golden Demon!!!!! Just kidding. Although he is my favorite model in the army, just because of a couple of games and the contest only furthered his Rep. I have a Vet. model waiting to be painted as the next incarnation.

 My "Venerable" Dreadnought. Certainly works well in combat. He's no pushover in shooting either. I believe he has only died 8 out of 20 games, so he really is venerable!

However, Mr. "EatsHiveTyrantsforLunch," my Librarian, is unavailable at this time and wasn't included in the photo.

Well, there's a small look at my IF army, and some of my favorite models in it. Comments?

Talk to ya later,

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