Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Temptations of Chaos

Hey Dudez,

Ace here to talk to you about a thought that I have been having for pretty much the entire day. My roommate left out the Chaos Space Marines Codex this morning, and I have spent the day reading it. And I am really tempted to start working on a list and form my own Chaos army. Really I don't know a scheme or anything yet, or even if I am going to pick a particular god or anything of that nature. I'm just going to make some list up and look at them and see if they are any good, yes there will be dual lash for my tourney list. But we will see where else that can go from ;)

But alright guys this does it for me tonight, I'm out.



  1. Gah! NO! Wait till August! there's a sexy new DP on the way!

    Just kidding. (Not about the DP) But if you are tempted to follow the Dark Gods, will you remain neutral or follow one in particular? If so, who??? What will be the army's colors?

  2. I can't wait for the Daemon prince, I can't wait to paint him up.

    As far as a particular god, can't say I really want a particular one! They all have their amazing benefits, but I do love the Lash of submission!

    Colors, I am not sure about those yet, I want to do something artsy, to test my paint skills, but I really do like the Punishers paint scheme..




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