Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't.

(o.k.-this post has about no magic related stuff, so if your in it for the tricks, sorry. :p)

I'm just trying to figure out something- Why I have a tendency to change armies at the snap of a finger. I know really its that impulse to buy the coolest model around, or just get some models for the fun of it, but almost 100% of the time, i end up attempting to collect an army of said models.

I have an excuse in the form of vanilla marines, as they've been my "best and brightest," (and coolset) but im absolutely stunned at how much I spend on armies i rarely use! For example, I have 2000 points of VC, and i've played with them once. CSM is about the same, and don't get me started on orks. As we speak, I'm trying to build a second ork army with a walker theme. Of course, snikrot was added, so I needed kommandoz, and finally a stompa found its way into my home...ugh. IG has also been a very loooong rollercoaster, first horde, then mech, then elysians, and now drop-troops.

I just can't take it anymore!!!

So, from today onwards, I will now only focus on 1 army at a time until it is completely done.
So now: IG, and i will continue elysians, which will reappear on this blog nce i get some $$$ to buy models with. On my list to get from forge-world is:
2x squads
1x command squad
Vendetta upgrade kit x2
3x Tauros
2x drop-sentinels.
?x weapon packs
and any other models I can afford.

Next will be orks, aside from the stompa, and to show a real commitment to this, I will be selling:
2000 pts of VC
2000 pts of Dark Elves
2000 pts of CSM
 all proceeds will benefit the "buy Ninjaman his elysian stuff" funds. :P

Now then, has anyone come across this problem? did you solve it?

(Oh and btw, Ian is bored on youtube is pretty funny. and pointless. :p)

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