Friday, September 7, 2012

Updated FAQ First Thoughts!

Hello once again Ladies and Germs!

Did you hear the news today? The updated FAQs were released and they amended some big debates! Here are just a couple that I skimmed through and thought were pretty key.

1) Flying Monstrous Creatures are couted as gliding when they fail their grounding test. No surprise here, just a clarification that makes them a little easier to take out. Although it was fun to cause multiple grounding checks and cause more wounds, because they were bouncing all over the place!

2) If your transport vehicle counts as shaken or stunned, the troops inside count the same even if they disembark!  Not to terrible, makes mech a little weaker which means we may see even less vehicles on the table.

3) Incubi's weapons are AP 2 in hand to hand now, not really taken back on this one. Incubi are and have been badasses of assault, give them AP 2 and welcome back to list Incubi. Personally I don't think Dark Eldar really needed it, we already place out enough shots to make those Termis roll plenty of ones!

4) Flying Monstrous Creatures can now skyfire, this made me say "They couldn't already?" Tyranids just received a little bit better anti-air touch.

5) Re-writes on a lot of "Characters" Nobs and Paladins were changed to make the allocation abuse not as friendly for them.  Not a big change, but from what little we saw of these two, we should see even less.

That's all that really stuck out to me, as I read more and get more games in I will post more thoughts.  Look forward to a Dark Eldar in 6th article coming out soon, that is if I survive Tough Mudder!


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