Friday, September 7, 2012

This Just In:New FAQs

This just in

     Well new FAQs came out today and there’s a lot to consume.  All in all it looks like a lot of work went into these FAQs and I am happy they came out right after The NOVA open vice right before.

Highlight for Tyranids

      Flying Monstrous Creatures, upon failing a grounding test you are no longer swooping you are gliding, its official and probably should have been anticipated.   So you lost hard to hit but at least you won’t keep taking a STR 9 no armor save wound on failed grounding tests. You can Swoop in your next movement phase.

     Flying Monstrous Creatures now have the same Skyfire option Flyers do, no downside to this.  Just make sure at the beginning of your shooting phase you are clear if you plan on using Skyfire since that’s when its supposed to be declared.
     Nothing that Auto hits can Auto hit a Swooping FMC.

     Boneswords, no AP value just ignores armor, it's official and expected.

     The next part is kinda funny, the following units are now characters, Trygon Prime, Doom of Malan’Tai, Deathleaper and Old One Eye. Have fun with that.

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