Friday, September 14, 2012

Neophyte Cornor #2: Imperial Guard

Hello ladies and germs!

As some of you may know it is a goal of mine to make a good starting point for much of you out there.  So time for our next brief codex break down of the mighty Imperial Guard!
Let's talk about a book that can really do anything that you build it to do. Loads of cheap infantry, either all blobbed up into giant squads or giving each one of them a nice Chimera to ride around in.  There are plenty of options of Vehciles to take, you'll spend too much time deciding what your favorite vehicles are! You have your mighty Leman Russes, that will make the spearhead for all of your armored assaults. To the vast amount of artillery to weaken your opponent from the start of the game. Flying Valkyries or Vendettas zooming across the table, taking your storm troopers where ever they need to get, and supporting ground forces. The options are endless, but where to begin!?

2 Basic Infantry Squads
Hobby: There are so many of these guys, and so many other models out there that you can use to convert your very own Guard army.  The painting can be a simple camo design, to a color that matches your allied Space Marine chapter, or even Chaos! Painting lots of guys can seem daunting at first, but after you get the first couple of them down you will have no problem getting the rest of your ranks to match! Also having an army that has access to such good looking tanks will make painting so much more rewarding, and you can learn a large fundamental of basic painting from these guys. 

 Tactics: With the changes in sixth edition, gun line styled armies received a massive boost to the games entire aspect.  If Guard excels in anything it is shooting mass amounts of weapons at any opponent. You can run massive squads of men, supported by heavy weapon platforms, Officers barking orders to help you make that key tactical strike.With of course being supported by heavy armour, or even artillery the choice is really up to you.  Most people stay within shooting with these guys, but it is possible to make an assault army out of them, though not the best, still good for a nice afternoon drinking game. The choice is really up to you, they are a very strong army and will make for a more challenging time mastering their codex.

That's it for this weeks Neophyte's Corner, stay tuned for next weeks installment!


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