Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2000pt Sisters on Sisters Nova GT Pick-up

So Im going to try and recall as much as possible seeing as its been almost 2 weeks since this game happened.  Just to say I have been looking forward to this match up for the longest time frgsinwntr’s Sisters looked great as always and I knew I was going to have an uphill battle when I saw his list.
Frgsinwntr Please feel free to comment/Correct this at any point and time.

Battle Conclave Crusader (x1) DCA(8) in a Rhino
St. Celestine
Seraphim(x10) Double Hand Flamers(x2) VSS(Eviscerator)
(4x)BSS(x10) Melta guns (x2)VSS W combi Flamer in Rhinos
Dominion(x5) Squad Melta gun(x2) Combi Melta Immolator w TWL MM

My list consisted of;

Battle Conclave Crusader (x4) DCA(4) in a Rhino
Seraphim Squad(x5) Hand Flamers(x1)Inferno Pistols(x1)
(2x)Penitence Engines x3
Retributors(5) Heavy Bolters(x4) VSS w Stormbolter
(2)Repentia (x9)
ADL w Quad-gun
(3)BSS(x10) Mult Melta(x1)Stormbolter(x1) VSS Stormbolter In Rhinos(DB HK SBx2)

To preface this report I told Frgsinwntr exactly how the match was going to go and in what Turn I was going to lose. Without further a due

Mission – NOVA Open game 7 Objectives – Kill Pnts  - Table Quarters
Deployment  Vanguard

Frgsinwntr deployed in standard style to associated with Trip Exorcists, Seraphim forward with BC sitting beside the Doms to allow them to get out in front and behind cover with their scout move.

To counters this I placed My Rhinos behind LOS blocking terrain with the Repentia on the line with the gun and Rets back along the Line. I Place both PE Squadrons and 1 Repentia Squad in reserve to allow them a chance/ counter assault element.  The Seraphim were placed into deep-strike also.  I knew the HKs had range against his Exorcists and I wanted to force him to move towards me.

Turn 1 - wasn’t real effective for either side Frgsinwntr brought forward his Doms, BCC,and two BSS shifting them right and the Seraphim and St Celestine proceeded toward the Objective on the left lower sider of the board.  The Quad gun was able glance a couple times and I was able to stop one of the BSS Rhinos with a Hunter Killer.

Turn 2 - was a lot different Frgsinwntr as to take out my Quad gun and BCC hopped out behind a line of sight blocking piece of terrain with his rhino running straight toward my Retributors.  He was dead set on trying to tank shock them off the board.  The dominions were still hanging out behind a piece of LOS block terrain the Exorcist didn’t fire really well.  During my turn all the Reserves came in (which I didn’t want just for the fact the he still had 3 exorcists still fully functional.  I attempted to keep them out of LOS so I could try and get them into something.  The seraphim were able to make a No Guts No Glory strike and I was able to stun lock 1 of his Exorcist to not being able fire next turn the other.  The imminent tank shock was diffused by the Retributors.

Turn 3 - for Frgsinwntr was a matter of shooting over 600pnts worth of fire support into the seraphim to take them off the field flaming my 1 squad of Repentia and a BSS making a mad dash towards the battle.  He also started to pull his Left flank Exorcists back to try and avoid my Repentia from charring into them. The dominion squad pulls from behind the Building to light up my BCC and his moves out from around the side of the building. And his other BSS was able to move into position beside the objective. During my half of the turn I was able to crest a hill that gave me a clear LOS to the side arch of one of his Exorcists and the Hunter Killer paid off by penning and blowing it up. I attempted to blow the other rhino up but had to use the PEs to break the BSS squad out.  I was able to catch the BCC in the open and flat footed whittling them down to just 3 DCA and Uriah. My mobile BSS squad started making its way to the objective on the far side of the talbe that the Repentia had secured.Things weren’t looking too bad but I knew it was a matter of time before the PEs started to go down like bricks against the exorcists.

Turn 4 - With a couple SOF saves for the PEs I was able to weather the Missiles, 1 being destroyed and one immobilized.  Frgsinwntr then decided to test them in CC his BSS walked away with the VSS being the only thing alive.  He then attempted to box my 2nd Squad of PEs in with his rhino and Immolator and was able to kill of 1 of them with the TWL MM shot.  Uriah was gunned down by the Seraphim and the Dominions assaulted into the Retributors.

At this point in the game is when I began to make a multitude of tactical errors and at the time I didn’t see them but looking back I know what I would have done differently if I had the chance.  I took one of my BSS squads and tank shocked into the BSS… Death or Glory with a melta gun made quick work of it.  Pinning the girls as there were blown from there transport.  Bad position on my part hemmed in PEs and I wasn’t able to get around the vehicle road block to assist the BSS squad


Turn 5 – Frgsinwntr turned his guns on the PEs who once gain were able to make some crazies saves and he started shooting my Repentia on the left hand side.  He used the Seraphim to do a hit run move off of my Retributors positioning himself to contest my back field objective.  With concentrated fire he was able to really start putting a beating on these girls . With no center threat I knew that my objective was lost and the best I could do was contest as many as I could so at I heavy flamered his Rhino and Immolator… I thought I could destroy the Immolator and get the assault off of the Rhino… Well I managed to glance the rhino to death and left the immolator with 1 HP…. Really.  I started a tactical withdrawal back toward my closest objective hoping to get back to maybe salvage it.  My 1 squad of PE’s broke apart as I charge the Rhino onto of the hill in his deployment zone… Needless to say that didn’t stick around very long as it exploded and left me contesting that objective. And the Repentia finally came out of the ruins and started heading towards the exorcist.

Turn  - 6  – Frgsinwntr pulled his exorcist  forward to try and support the BSS on the right hand side of the table and immobilized the one at center board on a Dangerous terrain test.  This gave me a slight chance now to be able to do a last ditch charge if I could clear the wrecked rhino… well let’s just say I was able to roll two 1’s from my dangerous terrain tests from both my PE’s and they became immobilized on the Rhino wreck I was able to get off the assault on Exorcist that had pulled forward and the BSS after taking a beating from the PE Melta bombed her back into the stone age.  Meanwhile I lost a BSS to massive amounts of fire and the seraphim made short work of the other BSS.


The game ended at the bottom of 6 – Frgsinwntr 3 Me 1

Post game… Well I told Frgsinwntr that I would lose it in 5 or 6.  The ladies did great they were out gunned and the Str 8 ap1 stuff is more than they could handle.  I surprised that I had PE’s even left by the end of the game 3 immobilized ones but 3 none the less.  I knew for me to do anything I need to keep the Exorcist busy with threats or stun lock them till the Repentia could make it.  I just waited too long to start striking.  Highlight of the game for me was the BSS squad cresting the hill and tagging the Exorcist in the side.  Bad PE placement and Gun placement could have changed the game.  The dice gods didn’t shine on me this time but Im sure next year there will be a Re Match…  Frgsinwntr  It was a honor to play you and I look forward to doing it again sometime!


  1. Sisters on sisters.....wow kinda like watching bigfoot play frisbee with the lock ness monster.

  2. LOL! Yeah it was I never though I was ever going to be able to play a game like this BTW it was one of the best game I have here played LOL.



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