Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Incoming! Dealing with Flying Monstrous Creatures

Hello Ladies and Germs!

I recently had the opportunity to run into a couple of Flying Monstrous Creatures, and I am going to share what I have done to stop theses pest. If they are swooping around the battlefield your guns on the ground are going to have a tough time dealing with these, needing 6's to hit them. However you can get over this with twin-linked weapons or mass amounts of shots. You are just looking for one hit, when you get that hit they must take a grounding check, on a 1 or a 2 they take an automatic strength 9 hit. Odds are you will cause one wound plus the chance of your other wound going through.

Easy enough right? He is grounded so I fire at normal ballistic skill now? Well this is were the rules debates come down, good old Games Workshop didn't make it clear on what you need to hit them when they are "grounded". A stupid argument, I know, however nobody wants to watch their badass monster get shot up so easily. The way we have been playing what we call the "Bouncing Ball" its where you still need 6's to hit them, but they always have the chance to cause an auto wound on them. With most only being 4 wounds eventually you will take it out.

Another way that I have been doing, is when you ground one of these puppies get them into assault with a unit with hit and run.  Do what you can to survive the combat for 2 rounds then at the end of your opponent's phase get out of there.  Line up all your guns and open fire and make that Flying pest wish it had never been called upon.  The rules state your opponent must declare whether the flyer is Gliding or Swooping in their movement phase.  Since he was grounded with your ground forces during the previous movement phase, he is gliding.

Now keep in mind there are other units on the table for you to be shooting at, so don't waste all of your fire on that flyer. Otherwise you are going to have some late game cleaning up to do and that's what most players want you to do. If you go first and your opponent deploys the flyer on the table, IT IS IN GLIDE MODE! Fire all of your high strength low ap weapons into it first and when the smoke clears find out what is left!

That's it for this rant, and this picture sums up everything else I have to say about these guys.

~What else can you think of to deal with Flying Monstrous Creatures? Share below!

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