Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey everyone :)

so as a lifelong obsession, I have always wished to have a warhound titan to field in games, or even just to have for the sake of it.

also this weekend, I read Titanicus. The idea or being interfaced with the MIU as a warhound's princeps was...intense. Dan Abnett really captured the power of the Adeptus Titanicus in his novel and it decided my future for me.

I will own one.

As of today, I have decided to set aside money every time i get paid so that one day I can own my own warhound, the "Divinum Furorem". In the sidebar I will track how much i have towards my goal.

Now i need to look at armaments and the legio the Divinum will hail from. So, do you have any ideas? Comment below and the most popular armament and legio will be applied. unless I really dislike the color scheme or weapons hahaha :) so far i've decided on a plasma blastgun and turbo laser destructor

I need about 525 dollars and as i said you can track me on the right.

wish me luck :)

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