Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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So I wrote a new story yesterday. It is called "the coup", and focusses on the overthrow of a kabal's archon. It is based on my Dark Eldar and it will be the first of many short stories involving The Shattered. i will repost it here, but please go follow my new blog, shatteredkabal.blogspot.com


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Now for the story.

"The Coup"

Archon Yestheriac yawned, his face impassive.

He was very large, and would be considered "fat" for an eldar. His armor seemed to groan beneath his bulk, although in all actuality, he was much lighter than most men. His pale complexion spoke of years of excessive depravity. However, bags under his eyes and a narrowness to his eyes lent him a look of weakness. He had not had sport in months. He was weaker than usual.

However, Vorian was no idiot. He had watched as Yestheriac had broken his brother, a respected Dracon, in two in a matter of minutes. But that had been 10 years ago. It was time for revenge.

Vorian signaled to Kharrass, a fellow Dracon and his half-brother, to move in. It was time to strike. Kharrass had made a soulpact with the High Klaivex to leave Yestheriac unguarded for a short while in return for the first choice in slaves to practice against, especially Eldar warriors. Vorian had in turn arranged for a band of Hellions to assault the Spire of the Betrayed in a few minutes.

He waited tensely.

Then, in a sudden flurry of activity, a messenger ran into the throne room announcing the assault. Phase 1 had been completed. The Incubi rushed to intercept their attackers on the lower levels as planned, leaving Yestheriac alone. The door closed and Vorian heard a faint noise that he swore was laughter coming from Kharrass.

"So...you wish to take my position?"

The comment startled Vorian. He thought Kharrass had spoken, but it had actually been Yestheriac. Vorian drew his agoniser and replied,

"Yes, you disgusting excuse for a lord. Your reign is at an end. You've led us to decay and now a band of Hellions threatens us. Hellions! It is time for us to have our old power and glory back. However that requires NEW leadership."

Yestheriac's response came out as a sibilant hiss. "You were once very promising. I should have killed you earlier. But I am more than a match for you, even now."

"Not for both Kharrass and I!"

He heard harsh, grating laughter. "Your brother? Look before you speak!"

Vorian turrned to look at Kharrass. He had folded his arms, watching the confrontation with interest. Vorian's distraction gave Yestheriac enough time to leap forwards and activate his Djinn blade.

Vorian only saved himself by the smallest of margins. He knew one blow meant instant death. He successfully parried more lightning quick attacks. however, he hadn't accounted for Yestheriac's fist, which smashed him back. Vorian backflipped into a crouch a few feet away.

His turn.

He launched himself at the Archon, dealing horrifically fast attacks to the Archon like quicksilver. In a matter of moments he had penetrated Yestheriac's guard 5 times, and only luck kept the Archon alive. It was no competition. Even Yestheriac realised this. Vorian was toying with him.

Yestheriac feinted left, but Vorian was ready and blocked the attack, then followed up with an uppercut to the Archon's chin. Vorian struck down, but was tripped as Yestheriac pulled into a crouch. Yestheriac rolled away, and smashed Vorian's agoniser away with his other leg as he rolled. Vorian went to retrieve the blade but as his hand grabbed the hilt, he turned over and saw Yestheriac poised to spear him through with the djinn blade. Vorian's mind raced. How had he lost? He was the best swordsman in the kabal! He blamed and cursed at Kharrass for deceiving him. They could have won! All of a sudden the blade fell from Yestheriac's hands and clattered to the floor and a blade emerged from the Archon's chest. Surprise, Confusion and Anger all showed on Yestheriac's features as his body disintegrated. After the last of the Archon was gone, Vorian looked up and saw Kharrass standing where the Archon had been, sheathing his Huskblade.

Vorian's heart leapt. He knew he could count on his Brother. Kharrass put out a hand to pull up Vorian. Vorian grabbed it and got to his feet.

"I thought you had betrayed me for-" Vorian started.
He never finished. Kharrass had punched him in the gut. Vorian dropped and flopped like a fish out of water. His eyes focused on Kharrass' helmet lenses. Kharrass' hard, raspy voice rang out.

"Fool. I would never willingly give you control of the kabal. That right is mine, and mine alone." He laughed mirthlessly. "Pathetic scum."

Vorian's lungs burned. He couldn't breathe. He watched Kharrass retract the venom knife into his gauntlet and realised he had in fact been betrayed. He desired so much in that moment, but mainly revenge. Or the ability to breathe again. He lay on the floor, dying, for what seemed like an age before Kharrass spoke again.

"I hope you enjoyed that. The expression of pain etched upon your face was...exquisite. Now if you don't mind, I have a Kabal to reform."

With those words Kharrass unsheathed his Blast pistol, and vaporised Vorian in one fluid motion. Regarding the corpse for a moment, he sighed, holstered the pistol and left the room.

There was much to be done.

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