Thursday, May 5, 2011

Elysians for sale!

Hi everyone. as part of my fundraiser for a titan i've decided to sell off a lot of stuff. Today, i'm offering all of my Elysians. Its a hard choice but i have to make sacrifices.

I have

2 valkyries (1 built, 1 painted and built)

3 Elysian squads (one trooper missing) all built, 2 squads painted.

3 elysian rocket teams (built)

1 built and painted elysian drop sentinel

I know its not cheap and i wish i could lower the prices but i need to have money for my titan and I'd like to sell them in a lot. I'll sell them for around $275, which i think is a reasonable price for a large group of FW models. Of course, make me an offer and i'll consider it.
Photos of some of the models (painted ones) can be seen in my slideshow at the right.

email me at
Ninjaman :)

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