Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Dark Eldar Models?

Finally they came out with a Battle box, so I can get a jump start on building up my forces. In the mean time I am going to pick up a few boxes of warriors, and work on some Trueborn, because they are the best unit in the book. Think of them as the veteran spam of the Imperial Guard ;)

The next thing that I am going to buy is these guys right here.
Now don't ask me how I am going to use them just yet, but just know that they will be painted and looking great so if I do play them they are just going to take all of your focus onto them.
The Venoms are great for transportation and also have a great selection for anti-troops. So you can put your anti-tank troops in there and voi-la you have a great combo. Throw in a flicker field and great looking model and I have a feeling I will have about 30 of these little guys.
Man this guy right here looks tough and perfect for a pain machine. I will be getting a few of these but will have to work on how to put them into my list, and from there make the ultimate list.

That's it for my opinions on these new models, post what else you guys think about them!


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