Monday, August 6, 2012

Dealing with Pesky Flyers!

Hello again ladies and germs,

Now don't take my title as the solution to deal with them, but more of a couple of guidelines to follow when playing against them. Let's breakdown what we know about flyers, their armor is not greater than 12.  Which means we don't have to use all of our high strength weapons on it, mass fire is king for getting as many 6's as possible.  Flyers don't start on the table, they have to be placed in reserves, so something I picked up on today's game (two Vendettas and a Valkyrie).  They have to move in a straight line on the table, so if you can set a good bait for them to come in and snatch it, you can make their 90 degree tun a inconvenience for them.

He had his Vendetta's luckily come in turn 2 on both sides, which gave me a bit of a problem to set up a trap. Luckily I noticed a flaw and drew most of my army back closer to my table edge, forcing him to take a turn to turn away from me, or he would have went back into reserve.  This had me thinking, if you really can disrupt their movement you can take them out for a turn or even two!  Shooting them without Skyfire or other flyers, isn't recommend unless you have plenty of twin-linked weapons or high volumes of high strength shots.

That is my two cents, on flyers.  I will be adding Quad gun, with Fire Dragons Exarch shooting it, a Razorwing and possibly adding guide to the Farseer in my list.  Just so if there is any more than 4 flyers I can be prepared.


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