Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introducing our new writer, Gritts!

Introducing Gritts,
    Ok so I am the new guy here at AOW so I will give you a bit about my 40k experience to date.   I really didn’t start playing regularly unit 5th edition, I played a lot of Tyranids in 5th and despite their  shortcomings I still really enjoy playing them (unless I am playing against Derycks Dark Eldar).  I also jumped on the Grey Knight bandwagon at the end of 5th and feel no shame in that after having played so many games with the Tyranids.  My local meta is the same as Deryck’s, that is the Tidewater area of Southern Virginia.  I like to paint my models and I feel my finished models (still have plenty that are not quite there) have a pretty good table top presence.   I plan on posting Batreps/rules discussions/painting articles on the Blog throughout 6th edition.  The pictures included in this post were painted by me over the last two years and in that time I feel I have learned quite a bit, having said that, criticism is always welcome.

This one gets a lot of use as a GK Librarian.
These are some Wyches I converted into DCA.
I have used these two as Jakero Weaponsmiths, I really didn't care for the GW monkeys.
Tervigon WIP.
Winged Hive Tyrant I did before GW made the plastic kit
Couple of Zoanthropes and a Mycetic Spore I made.
Three Big MCs I did over about a 18 month period, in person you can see the progression my painting went through in that first year of painting models again.

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