Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Page for Dark Eldar

Hey folks,
It has been a while since I have posted last, I know and I apologize. I have a fancy new phone that will let me blog on the go! (I'm actually at work right now) So I have been trying to figure out ways to beat the Grey Knight Psydread wall. After thinking for it for months I came to a realization that the most viable way is via Deep Strike.

Wait a second.... isn't there a special character who let's your entire army deep strike, and get out to lay waste with all of their blasters? That's right I am talking about the Duke. I usually run a Baron list with lots of blaster and Venoms, it works well against all armies except Guard and Grey Knights. Guard is becoming an easier match up, however I can't seem to crack the Grey Knights. The tactic is to run both the Baron and the Duke, utilize the Barons +1 to see who goes first, and he let's Hellions reroll everything! Use the Duke to choose my drugs and to deep strike or not to deep strike. If I win the roll off to go first I will opt to go second, based on how my opponent deploys and terrain, I can utilize a great deployment, or just reserve everything. Now it is a huge hit or miss with deep strike, some say you are just piece mealing yourself. Yes this is true, but if done right you can essentially take away 2 turns of their shooting, while gaining an extra one. Plus you get great board control, place half of your army on one side, make your opponient go to the threat, then place the other behind him and get him in a flank of lance and poisioned weapons. I still need to play test this but I think with the list fire power and unpredictability, it should place Dark Eldar back on the top! -Deryk

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  1. i've always thought that the duke was worth taking in DE. its a shame that there isnt a bonus like hive commander to add +1 to your reserve rolls as that would really help you



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