Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The New Me and the New Plan

Hello everyone,

As my last post indicated I am back. This time in full force, ready to take back over the Virginia Warhammer Scene! I am going to train harder and look at my Dark Eldar as my elite army. To get to that point you have to have a starting point right? Well good thing I have it here!

I plan on finishing my color scheme, right now I am looking at a black/deep blue undercoat, that builds up into a Turquoise then eventually fine white. Gold and bronze weapons and white eyes. Just a basic example, when I get some painted up I will display it. After the color scheme is set into stone I will start working on my Warrior box and raider with the color scheme.

Upon completion of those guys, I will purchase an Archon and a box of Incubi. They will get a more royal treatment in the painting department, since the list that I am working on has them being the Hammer.

From there I will play test with the Wyches because I don't know how I feel about them, let me know how you have used them or had them used on you. It takes a whole lot of time out of play testing.

That should be a good plan for now, stay tuned for Pictures and proxy battle reports!


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