Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and my army grows....

Hey everyone:

so I recently returned from my trip to France. while I was there I was fortunate enough to pick up a load of troops, such as a Ravager, 10 Kabalites, and a box of sanguinary guard.

Now the sanguinary guard may seem a bit rndom, but for 1, they're cool, and 2, they have a few key bits to make some DE. That's right. Wings. I decided to pick them up to make scourges. I believe scourges are cool and will be fun to convert.

Other than that my army is coming along well. 5 incubi need to be built, but everything else is built and the archon and half of the 1st kabalite unit is painted. Oh, so is the VoidRaven or whatever i want it to be.

I'll post pics later, but heres a pretty awesome Eldar unit...I want to follow in my kabal's path and steal some.
Maybe as tank hunting scourges? I love having the whole Eldar and DE product line at my disposal. :D


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